The Factors of Slip and Fall Accidents

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Lawyer Those who have recently suffered a slip and fall injury, can turn to an attorney for legal guidance. Such accidents can happen while in another person’s home, shopping in a retail store, eating at a restaurant, and in many more scenarios. Slip and falls can arise due to weather conditions […]

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Slip and Fall Accidents: Who is Liable?

Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia, PA Depending on how a slip and fall accident happened, there are parties that may be liable for your medical bills and other losses. The injuries associated with such accidents can be painful and quite serious, especially if the person hit his or her head on the way down. Those […]

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Is My Landlord Liable if I Slip and Fall on Snow or Ice Outside My Philadelphia Apartment Building?

Winter is here, and so are messy sidewalks.  If you’re one of Philadelphia’s many renters, and you have a slip and fall accident on snow and/or ice outside your apartment building, your landlord might be responsible for your medical bills, depending on the circumstances that led to your injury.  Philadelphia slip and fall accident lawyer […]

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Street Sign Posts Are Causing Trip and Fall Accidents in Philadelphia

Any Philadelphia resident sees them every day: the jagged, grey stumps that are left behind when a street sign is knocked over or removed.  These inconspicuous “pole stumps” only protrude a few inches from the sidewalk, but that’s precisely what makes them so dangerous.  They are small and mundane enough to go unnoticed, but large […]

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Can I Sue My HOA for a Slip and Fall Injury?

Slip and fall accidents happen pretty frequently. You might be walking down the street or on the sidewalk and trip and fall over something that has been carelessly left out. However, not every slip and fall accident happens when you are far away from home. If you live in a condominium complex and or are […]

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How to Prove a Property Owner is Responsible for a Slip and Fall Injury

If you fall and hurt yourself because of a dangerous condition on someone else’s property you may wonder who is responsible for your injury.  Slip and falls can happen anywhere such as a grocery store, or a friend’s house. Unfortunately, not only are these accidents fairly common, but they can also lead to serious injuries. […]

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