Plane Crash Lawyer

plane crash lawyerWhen your loved one is in a plane crash, life changes in an instant and a plane crash lawyer at the Wieand Law Firm, LLC can help. Our personal injury and wrongful death lawyers have a track record of success in obtaining large recoveries for crash victims and their families. A plane crash lawyer in our firm is experienced in investigating these incidents and holding responsible parties liable.

Private Plane Accident Statistics

The National Transportation Safety Board shares data showing the private aircrafts are far more dangerous than commercial airliners and even driving a car. The risk of death in a private aircraft is 200 times greater than in a commercial airliner. Additionally, the risk of death in a private airplane is approximately 20 times greater than driving a car.


Causes of Plane Crashes

Determining the cause of the accident is a significant challenge in plane crash claims. These accidents can happen due to a number of reasons, including pilot error, poor maintenance of the plane or its flight instruments, ground crew mistakes, air traffic controller error, or a design flaw within the aircraft. Large aircrafts often contain a flight data recorder that collects information from aircraft sensors that can help us determine what caused the accident. For smaller plane crashes where a black box is not available, our lawyers consult a team of experts, including pilots, mechanics, and aviation designers to investigate how the accident occurred.


What types of Damages can I Seek?

We understand that nobody can bring back life as you knew it prior to the plane crash. That’s why a plane crash lawyer at our firm will fight tirelessly to hold the negligent party responsible and seek full and complete compensation for your suffering. We can seek compensation to offset:

  • Cost of medical bills, now or in the future
  • Lost wages, now or in the future
  • Specialized medical equipment (such as prosthetics, or durable medical equipment)
  • Cost of rehabilitation or personal care services
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of companionship


Do I really need a Plane Crash Lawyer?

The plane crash lawyers in our firm have years of experience investigating accidents and negotiating with insurance companies to maximize the amount of compensation our clients receive. Plane crashes can have devastating consequences that impact a family financially for many years in the future; therefore, determining the true cost of the accident is incredibly important. Your loved one may need a lifetime of care, or a wrongful death may have robbed you of potential future earnings. A plane crash lawyer can compute these extensive costs and seek the compensation your family deserves. While insurance companies may look to keep their costs low, our attorneys only have your best interests in mind.

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