Daycare Injury Lawyer

Workers' Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia PAA daycare injury lawyer can help when a child is injured because a childcare facility failed to provide proper care and oversight. Injuries at day care can range from mild accidents, like a skinned knee, to serious injuries and even death. Unfortunately, many serious accidents that occur at daycares are due to negligent actions on behalf of the daycare or its employees.  A daycare injury lawyer can seek compensation for damages if your child was seriously injured due to neglect or abuse at daycare.


Signs of Negligence:

Daycares must follow federal and state laws regarding standards for safety, staffing, and resources. Facilities that fail to follow these requirements may be held liable when an accident occurs. The most frequent cause of daycare injuries is inadequate staffing and supervision. Insufficient staffing and monitoring increase the risk that a child be unintentionally injured.


Safety Measures to Prevent Daycare Injuries

To minimize the risk of accidents, look for a daycare that provides the following safety measures:

  • Proper staffing ratios
  • First aid supplies on hand
  • Safety measures, such as secured access doors, to prevent wandering
  • A policy forbidding all forms of child abuse, and education for all caregivers about abuse


Daycare Abuse

While some daycare injuries occur due to avoidable accidents, daycare abuse can also have devastating effects on vulnerable children. Children can be abused in daycares or other childcare facilities through physical abuse, sexual abuse, verbal abuse, or child neglect. It’s important to understand the warning signs of day care abuse, since children can have difficulties expressing what is happening to them. Potential signs of daycare abuse include:

  • New, severe behaviors
  • Faking illness to avoid going to daycare
  • A marked increase in clinginess
  • Bruises without an explainable cause of injury
  • Bedwetting or urinary tract infections

Report any suspected abuse to state authorities, including the police, child protective services, or state licensing agencies. It’s also important to have your child examined by a physician. You should report your concerns to the day care facility as well.


Should I Contact a Daycare Injury Lawyer?

If your child was injured due to negligence at day care, your family can pursue a civil lawsuit against the facility and/or its employees to hold them accountable for their actions. You can seek compensation for medical bills, rehabilitation, and more.

An attorney who is experienced in these types of cases can advise you on whether your case is worth pursuing. Our attorneys offer a free consultation to discuss your situation and legal options. Should you decide to pursue a claim, we operate on a contingency fee basis, which means that our attorneys earn no fees unless we return a settlement or positive verdict for your family.

We recommend reaching out to a daycare injury lawyer as soon as possible after a day care injury occurs. Each state has a statue on limitations that can limit the timeframe that you have available to file a claim. The daycare injury lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm LLC are ready to help you and your family during this difficult time. Give us a call today and get the guidance you need to move forward.




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