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Contact a Tesla fire lawyer at the Wieand Law Firm LLC if you’ve experienced injury or economic loss due to a tesla fire. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened an investigation into Tesla car batteries sparking car fires. A tesla fire lawyer is familiar with the current litigation against Tesla for these battery fires. Some of the battery fires occurred after an accident, but many occurred when the car was unplugged and idle. Since 2013, there have been reports of over 20 Tesla fires and multiple battery fire-related deaths. A Tesla fire lawyer can help those injured or killed by a defective Tesla battery seek compensation for their injuries and hold the company responsible.

Why are Tesla Fires so Dangerous?

Extinguishing an electric car fire is more challenging than a gasoline car fire. While a typical car fire takes about 300 gallons of water to put out a fire, an electric care can more than 25,000 gallons of water to fully extinguish. Most fire departments do not have the equipment needed to carry that quantity of water. In fact, even the world’s largest fire-fighting aircraft doesn’t carry that much water. Ultimately, many fire companies are at a huge disadvantage for lack of resources to extinguish these types of fires.

Additionally, the National Fire Protection Association reports that only about 20% of firefighters are trained in electric car battery fires.  There have been situations when a Tesla fire that was thought to be extinguished, reignites. Fire departments must provide extra monitoring for electric vehicle fires to make sure that the fire is truly put out.


What Causes Tesla Battery Fires?

Damaged energy cells are believed to be the reason behind Tesla battery fires. These cells may be damaged either due a product defect during manufacturing, or as the result of a car crash.

There are no guaranteed methods for draining energy from a car’s lithium-ion battery once it is damaged in a crash. Energy is trapped inside the battery, which allows it to continuously overheat and pressurize too much, resulting in fires and explosions. The only current method to handle these fires is for fire companies to use a copious amount of water to cool the battery.


How Can a Tesla Fire Lawyer Help?

A Tesla fire lawyer can take the steps needed to investigate and prove the cause of your tesla fire. If you or a loved one has been injured by an electric vehicle accident, it’s prudent to have a competent and experienced Tesla fire lawyer to fight for fair compensation for your injuries or damages to your car and home. We will sit down with you for a free consultation to understand what occurred. This allows us to identify the merits of your case and understand if negligence contributed to your injury. Next, we will strategize the legal approach to help you obtain the best possible outcome for your claim. Our experienced personal injury attorneys fight vigorously for the rights of the injured and have many years of experience with defective product litigation.

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