Explosion Accident Lawyer in PA

Explosion Accident Lawyer in PAExplosion Accident Lawyer in PA

An Explosion Accident Lawyer in PA from Wieand Law Firm, LLC can imagine the true devastation that can happen because of an explosion-related incident. Those who work at construction sites are even more likely to face such a catastrophe. Construction site accidents can occur at any site. Often, when someone thinks about construction accidents, they imagine large projects going haywire. But the truth is that it can happen even on smaller sites. Construction work has its risks. Anything from road repair to a kitchen remodeling might lead to an accident.

Each construction sites has its own set of hazards. One of the most serious incidents that can suddenly happen are explosions. Those who survived the explosion may walk away with a critical condition. So, if someone has an injury at a construction site, who is to blame? This question isn’t always simple to answer.

Innocent People at a Construction Site
Injuries may happen for a number of different reasons. Every construction site comes with its own unique risks. An explosion accident may occur because safety regulations weren’t adhered to, something dangerous caught fire, or because of faulty equipment. No matter the case, an Explosion Accident Lawyer in Pennsylvania is aware that negligence can be a leading contributing factor. Those that may be injured at a construction site include:

  • A passerby
  • Homeowners
  • Guests
  • Workers

Any of these people may sue for damages in the case of an injury. It’s important, no matter who you are, to contact an attorney when you’re dealing with a construction site injury. Since fault could go to a number of different parties, you need experienced counsel to help you through the case.

Determining Who Is at Fault
The biggest question that injured parties ask after a construction site explosion is who is at fault? Who do you blame? If you suffer serious injuries that cost you wages, result in medical bills or create stress on your everyday life, who do you file a claim against? Anyone who’s negligence resulted in the accident is to blame. The answer is usually complicated and requires further investigation from a PA Explosion Accident Lawyer at Wieand Law Firm, LLC. Here are some examples of who may be at fault:

  • Repair facilities
  • Material suppliers
  • Ladder manufacturers
  • Property owners
  • Contractors
  • Construction companies
  • Heavy equipment manufacturers

Fault isn’t always easy to determine. After a construction accident, you need to have evidence that shows what happened. Was it negligence on a worker’s behalf or did the equipment malfunction? Given all of the different circumstances, you need to keep clear records of what you did and observed that day. In some cases, you may need help from witnesses to put it all together. If you can gather witness names (such as your coworkers), a Pennsylvania Explosion Accident Lawyer can follow up with them for an official statement.

If you’ve suffered injuries at a construction site, then you may have be owed compensation. In order to receive it, you have to know who was at fault. Since every accident is unique, your lawyer can help you figure out who to hold accountable, and who owes you monetary restitution. For help with your case, contact an Explosion Accident Lawyer from PA at Wieand Law Firm, LLC as soon as possible for a complimentary consultation.

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