Philadelphia Defective Guardrail Lawyers

Philadelphia Defective Guardrail LawyersContact one of the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania defective guardrail lawyers from the firm of Wieand Law Firm if you or a family member was injured due to a defective guardrail. When defective, interstate guardrails can cause significant as well as fatal injuries when vehicles come into contact with them at high speeds. In fact, more than one type of guardrail has been identified as defective, causing families to hire a lawyer to pursue injury claims as well as wrongful death lawsuits. Wieand Law Firm’s defective guardrail lawyers are available to protect the rights of victims and their loved ones to recover damages incurred by a guardrail. Call us today to request a free consultation.

Defective Guardrails

The intent of guardrails is to safely prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway. They may be installed on the shoulders of bridges, at the edge of cliffs, or between opposite traveling vehicles. Guardrails can be found all across the United States. When they are designed and installed correctly, they should absorb the forward motion of a vehicle upon impact by peeling back and allowing the vehicle to come to a safe stop or deflect in a safe direction. Defective guardrails have a tendency to not peel back and instead, pierce the vehicles coming into contact with it. As a result, the guardrail metal may impale the vehicle and the occupants inside.

Negligent Guardrail Manufacturers

More than one manufacturer has been identified as negligent due to their knowledge about the defective nature of their guardrails though they continued to sell it, which is why victims need to turn to Philadelphia defective guardrail lawyers. For example, Trinity Industries reduced the size of its guardrail. It is alleged that they did this without prior approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHA), which was required by law. The manufacturer was found guilty of fraud and negligence and as a result, was ordered to pay a substantial settlement to the United States’ Treasury Department.

The Lindsay Corporation is another example of a manufacturer whose defective guardrail has been linked to many serious injuries and deaths, and victims’ families should contact a lawyer immediately. Allegations against the company include that they had knowledge about the defective nature of their guardrails and that they did not disclose this information to the FHA or to the general public.

In addition to the manufacturer, companies that installed the guardrails have also been named as defendants in the defective guardrail lawsuits by various families who hired defective guardrail lawyers to pursue litigation. Victims who suffered damages as a result of a manufacturer’s defective guardrail have the right to hire a lawyer. Call Wieand Law Firm to learn how one of our defective guardrail lawyers in Philadelphia can help you and your family get justice.

Get Justice

Those who suffered serious injuries or death due to a defective guardrail have the legal right to hire a lawyer to recover their damages. Surviving family members can pursue justice on behalf of their loved one who died in a preventable accident caused at least in part by the defective guardrail. Call Wieand Law Firm to request a free case review by one of our dedicated Philadelphia defective guardrail lawyers.

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