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Personal injury lawyerIf you or a loved one has been injured or denied medical care while in prison, seek out the services of a prison injury lawyer to defend your rights. An incarcerated individual retains their rights to be free from assaults, excessive force and sexual abuse. They also have the right to be treated for serious medical problems. A prison injury lawyer will fight to obtain compensation for the unjust injuries you sustained from abuse or neglect while in prison.

Common Types of Prison Injuries

Excessive force by staff: inmates have the right to be free from excessive physical force and injury. Claims can be filed from individual clients or groups of prisoners who are subject to a pattern of abuse by correctional officers. Prisoner rights cases can be hard to win, but a prison injury lawyer at the Wieand Law Firm, LLC will fight tirelessly for justice for their clients.

Sexual assault by staff: sexual assault from correction officers is a problem that pervades the American prison system. The inequality of credibility and the impossibility of escape drives many inmates to stay quiet about their assault. Our prison injury lawyer knows that this abuse must end; we fight to ensure the assaults stop and that justice is served.

Inmate attacks: Prison officials are legally responsible to protect prisoners from attacks from other inmates. If correctional officers know about the risk of an assault and failed to respond, or if conditions in the prison such as understaffing created an unreasonable risk of injury, you may be able to file a claim for your injuries and hold the correctional system responsible.

Failure to provide medical care: Inmates have the right to receive treatment for their health problems. Prisons who deny medical care to their inmates can and should be held responsible. The following are common issues regarding denial of medical care in prisons that our firm investigates:

  • Ignoring inmate medical symptoms
  • Refusing to provide medications
  • Unreasonable delays in medical care
  • Denials of care that results in death.

Failure to respond to suicidal ideation: Lack of treatment for inmate mental health issues and jail policies can contribute to inmate suicide. If the prison failed to treat a mental health condition or respond to known risk of suicide, a civil claim may be sought.

Protecting Inmate Rights

A prison injury lawyer at the Wieand Law firm understand that inmates are frequently victims of assaults and personal injury while in prison. Additionally, denial of reasonable medical care occurs too frequently and can result in permanent disability or serious illness. We find these violations of civil rights unacceptable and will fight for mistreated inmates from county jails, and state and federal prisons.

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