Slip and Fall Accidents: Who is Liable?

Slip and Fall Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Depending on how a slip and fall accident happened, there are parties that may be liable for your medical bills and other losses. The injuries associated with such accidents can be painful and quite serious, especially if the person hit his or her head on the way down. Those who have questions about their accident, want to find out what their legal options are and who is, in fact, responsible, can meet with an experienced trip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA.

Q: How can I show that a property owner was at-fault for my slip and fall?

A: After a slip and fall accident, there are certain steps you can take to build your case. To help show that the property owner was at-fault, take photographs of where you fell and surrounding property conditions. Take pictures of the factors that made you fall, whether that was a leaky ceiling that led to a puddle, uneven floor surface, or messy debri in a common walkway.

Q: How much compensation may I get for the slip and fall accident?

A: The amount you receive in compensation depends on whether you accept a settlement amount, or move forward to file a claim in court. Typically, a victim in a slip and fall accident meets with a lawyer for advice on how to proceed. Based on the circumstances of the fall and evidence you were able to gather, a lawyer may suggest taking the settlement or fighting for a higher amount through a lawsuit.

Q: What are the benefits of hiring a lawyer?

A: A slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can help you communicate with insurance companies, represent you in court, assist with completing paperwork, evaluate evidence, and offer advice on how to deal with insurance adjusters. Once you file a claim to your insurance agency about the fall, you are likely to receive calls from companies who do not have your of interest in mind. Victims in a slip and fall accidents may hire a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer for protection and to have someone fight for their behalf.

Q: What if the property owner states they weren’t aware of the issue?

A: Property owners may do or say whatever they can to elude responsibility for the slip and fall accident, such as claiming they didn’t know about a hazard or dangerous conditions. However, excuses or denial probably isn’t enough to avoid liability. A property owner may still be accountable if the flaw was reasonably obvious, to where he or she should have been aware of the problem.

Q: Can a business be liable if my slip and fall happened on the premises?

A: A business or company can be held liable if they have control over the premises and are responsible for maintaining a safe environment. A slip and fall lawyer Philadelphia, PA trusts can work with you to figure out what parties may have to pay you compensation for the accident. In some cases, there may be more than just one individual who had failed to provide safe conditions for visitors.

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