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Car Accident LawyerIf you are injured in a self-driving vehicle accident, you will need a self-driving vehicle accident lawyer. With self-driving vehicles now being tested on public roads, new questions have popped up about liability in a self-driving vehicle accident. There have been several situations already in which a self-driving vehicle was involved in a crash. These accidents carry potential liability for the vehicle manufacturers, vehicle operators, shipping companies, rideshare companies and insurance carriers.  

Self-driving vehicle accident lawyers are knowledgeable of the regulations needed to operate self-driving vehicles. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration breaks down driver-assisted technology into six levels of autonomy. Autonomous, or self-driving, cars are designed for travel without assistance of a human driver. At this level of automation, the vehicle uses artificial intelligence and other sensing technology to replace human operation of the vehicle. NHTSA classifies this as a Level 5 automation. 

Multiple companies, including Google’s platform named Waymo, Tesla, Aurora Innovation, TuSimple and Embark, are actively testing their self-driving vehicle technology. See the current list of authorized testing companies in Pennsylvania. Accidents that occur during the testing phase are the responsibility of the company conducting the test. As these vehicles become available for public purchase, it is likely that at-fault drivers and their insurance companies would be liable for accidents. However, if a product defect within the technology caused the crash, the company may still have liability for the incident.  

Are Self Driving Vehicles Safer?

Current data from the National Law Review supports that the rate of self-driving care accidents is higher than regular vehicles. However, fewer severe injuries were reported from self-driving car accidents than other car accidents. Over 62% of accidents involved the autonomous vehicle getting rear-ended by a human-operated vehicle. It is anticipated that these vehicles will become safer than human operated vehicles as self-driving technology improves.  

Who can be Held Liable for Semiautonomous Vehicles? 

Manufacturers such as Tesla currently have semi-autonomous vehicles on roadways. These vehicles typically employ advanced technology in their steering and braking systems. The vehicle operator manual requires that the driver remain at full attention in the driver seat while the vehicle operates in the autopilot mode 

Because these vehicles are not intended to be fully autonomous, but aimed for use by a fully attentive driver, an accident will likely be the responsibility of the at-fault driver during a collision or there may be joint liability apportioned between the driver and manufacturer. The vehicle manufacturer may still be liable if a defect in the vehicle or representations made to drivers its parts is found to have played a part in causing the collision. 

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Self-driving vehicle accident lawyers anticipate that collisions with autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles will rise with the incorporation of these technologies on our roads and highways. Proving liability in a semi-autonomous or self-driving car accident will undoubtedly be a challenging task needing the skills of an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney. The vehicle accident lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm can help accident victims by fighting to recover the maximum financial damages possible. Car accident victims turn to the Wieand Law Firm based on our past successes and the level of individualized attention we offer to our clients.  

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