Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia

A Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia can help answer your questions if you are injured in a Lyft or Uber accident. For instance, what happens if you are injured as a passenger while using a ride share company such as Lyft or Uber? Or, who is responsible if you are injured by a Lyft or Uber driver as a pedestrian, cyclist, or driver of another vehicle involved in a multi-car accident?  How can you obtain compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, and even lost time at work? If any of these scenarios apply to you, then you need to secure the advice of an experienced Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia.
A seasoned Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia to advocate for you to receive fair compensation for your injuries. In 2016, Governor Wolf signed Senate Bill 985 into effect making ride sharing legal in all locations in Pennsylvania. Additionally, this bill secured protections for passengers of ride share companies by requiring them to carry ride share insurance that recognizes that they drive for Lyft, Uber, or a comparable service.  
This Transportation Network Company (TNC) is required to provides insurance for a vehicle for hire. The legislature sets forth minimums of liability insurance that ride share drivers must carry. A Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia is familiar with these liability requirements and can help victims involved in a ride share accident to obtain compensation for their injuries.   
In addition to the ride share insurance required by individual ride share drivers, victims of Lyft and Uber accidents may have coverage under the ride share company itself. Further, you may be entitled to other payments through Workers Compensation or other insurance policies. Given the many insurance policies and coverages that may be involved, Uber and Lyft accident claims can be challenging to navigate. A Lyft and Uber accident lawyer in Philadelphia can advocate on your behalf to ensure that you are properly compensated for your losses from the insurance company.
In addition to requirements for insurance coverage for ride share drivers, Senate Bill 985 outlines requirements for the vehicles used in transporting passengers of ride share programs. Unfortunately, multiple passengers of these ride share services have reported that the vehicles servicing them were not up to inspection standards. The neglect of the ride share driver to properly maintain their vehicle may be result in significant injury when that vehicle is involved in a crash. A Lyft and Uber Accident Lawyer in Philadelphia can help determine a driver’s negligence in maintaining their vehicle contributed to the crash and subsequent injuries of the vehicles passengers.  
Victims of Lyft and Uber accidents deserve representation from a competent and skilled Lyft and Uber Accident lawyer in Philadelphia who will doggedly pursue compensation for their injuries. The Wieand Law Firm, LLC will take the time to listen compassionately to your individual situation and provide that expert advice you need to take action.  To speak with a Lyft and Uber Accident lawyer in Philadelphia at the Wieand Law Firm, LLC call us today at 215-666-7777 to receive a free, no obligation consultation.

Disclaimer:  This article is for informational purposes only and is not legal advice. The information provided may contain errors or be out of date.

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