The Factors of Slip and Fall Accidents

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Those who have recently suffered a slip and fall injury, can turn to an attorney for legal guidance. Such accidents can happen while in another person’s home, shopping in a retail store, eating at a restaurant, and in many more scenarios. Slip and falls can arise due to weather conditions such as ice, snow or heavy rain, and lead to slippery indoor floors. These injuries can also occur due to negligence on behalf of staff that failed to clean up spilled liquid or objects fallen onto a walkway.

Lawyers firmly believe that if your injuries were caused as a result of another’s carelessness, that you deserve compensation for your losses. Their team can offer compassionate and strategic services as you seek justice.

Legal Factors for Liability

There are certain factors that must be proven in order to receive compensation for a slip and fall accident. It has to be shown that the owner of a property was aware of the danger, the condition could not have been anticipated by the visitor, and the owner was negligent in some way. The specific legal factors of liability for a slip and fall incident can include:

  • The owner conceived the condition
  • The owner was aware the condition existed and failed to properly correct it
  • The dangerous condition existed for an extended duration of time, in which the owner should have become aware and made corrections.

When the Slip Transpired at a Retail Store

While it is the duty of management in a retail store to provide a safe environment for visitors, there may be more than just one person who is held responsible. In order for the store to be deemed legally at-fault, the injured person must show the following was true:

  • An employee caused the spill or dangerous debri to be present
  • An employee must have been aware of the danger but was negligent in taking care of the threat
  • An employee should have known to correct the danger because another person would have reasonably inferred that a removal or repair was needed

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If you endured a slip and fall accident, and experienced physical or financial damages as a result, we recommend meeting with an attorney promptly. It is never too soon to seek legal assistance regarding your accident. You may be receiving phone calls from insurance adjusters or other representatives inquiring about a statement for what happened. Before providing that information, we encourage you to reach out to a slip and fall lawyer in Philadelphia, PA first.

Trip and fall lawyers in Philadelphia, PA understand that you and your family may be going through substantial financial hardship because of another’s negligence. They will do what they can to get you back on track. Contact a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer immediately to schedule an appointment with an empathetic and knowledgeable a Philadelphia slip and fall lawyer.

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