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truck accident lawyerA truck driver injury lawyer Philadelphia trusts can help you seek the maximum possible workers compensation if you were injured in a truck accident. Over 500,000 trucking accident occur annually in the United States, and someone is seriously injured or killed in a truck accident about every 15 minutes. A truck driver injury lawyer Philadelphia relies on can help you understand your legal options and help you to file a workers compensation claim for your injuries.

Common Causes of Trucking Accidents Include:

Poor weather conditions: Truck drivers often have to continue deliveries through ice, snow, rain, fog, and other hazardous weather conditions. These conditions lead to limited visibility for all vehicles on the roadway. Additionally, slick conditions can hamper a truck’s ability to stop when needed.

Mechanical Issues: A truck can have mechanical issues that impede the driver’s ability to safely operate the vehicle.

Road Rage: Truckers must often contend with careless drivers who speed, tailgate, act aggressively, or pass dangerously.

Drunk Drivers: Truckers are at risk of being struck by drivers who are drunk, under the influence of drugs, or other medications that impair their ability to safely operate a vehicle

Trucker Injuries that are Not Accident Related

Truckers are at risk for injuries while performing their job duties. While vehicle accidents are a major cause of workers compensation claims for truck drivers, other injuries may include:

  • Repetitive stress injuries such as trigger fingers, bursitis, tendinitis, or carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Injuries to their back or neck from lifting heavy cargo
  • Injuries from being struck by falling objects
  • Falls, slips, and trips. Loading and unloading docks can be a particular hazard.

Trucking companies and their insurance providers will always try to minimize costs for the company. In some cases, they will try to show that the injury happened outside the scope of employment and completely deny the claim. The insurance carriers have people fighting to keep claim costs low; we recommend hiring a truck driver injury lawyer to have someone who is fighting for your best interests.

Truck Drivers – Independent Contractors vs. Employees

Only truck drivers who are classified as employees qualify to receive workers compensation benefits. Truckers who work as independent contractors are not able to collect these benefits. There have been examples of trucking companies who have misclassified truckers as independent contractors in order to avoid paying workers compensation claims for these workers. A Truck driver injury lawyer Philadelphia counts on can help determine if you have been misclassified.

The truck driver injury attorney will review multiple factors to help determine if you are an independent contractor or an employee, including:

  • The extent of control leveraged by the trucking company on your daily job duties
  • Whether the company dictates your schedule
  • Which party pays truck maintenance costs
  • Your ability to decline jobs
  • How you are paid (hourly, weekly, by mile, by percentage of gross revenue)
  • Whether you must wear a specific uniform
  • Whether you or the trucking company owns the equipment

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