Is a Nursing Home Liable if a Resident Falls?

Nursing homes have a legal obligation to keep residents safe and prevent accidents. Nursing homes are charged to care for residents who have physical and cognitive needs. Many residents require supervision or physical assistance to ensure their daily needs are met. Therefore, in many cases, nursing homes may be liable when a resident suffers a […]

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Car Impaled by Guardrail Results in Injury

A car versus guardrail crash over the weekend resulted in injury after the guardrail impaled the vehicle. The accident happened when the guardrail separated and then impaled the car between the front seats before exiting the rear of the vehicle. After impalement, the guardrail extended approximately 20 feet past the vehicle. The passenger’s injuries required […]

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Back Injury Compensation After Car Accident

Following a collision, soreness in the neck, back, and other body parts can cause significant discomfort and an inability to perform daily tasks. Lower back pain after car accident compensation can help injured victims achieve financial remedy for the injuries they sustained. The Philadelphia car accident lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm are personal injury […]

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Dog Bite Laws in PA: What to Know

If you or a loved one has been a victim of a dog bite attack, it’s important to understand how dog bite laws in PA will affect your ability to seek maximum compensation for your injuries. Dog bites are a major cause of emergency room visits each year. They can cause serious injuries such as […]

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Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian Accidents - Woman going along road with arrow marking, closeup

Personal Injury Lawyer Every year, thousands of pedestrians are injured in traffic accidents. Many of these injuries are serious and can lead to long-term health problems. In some cases, pedestrians are killed in traffic accidents.  Avoiding Accidents There are many things that drivers and pedestrians can do to avoid traffic accidents. Drivers should always be […]

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What Are the Different Types of Mergers?

A merger occurs when two different corporations come together to form an entirely new company. In theory, a merger is different from an acquisition, in which one company buys the other one and integrates it into its operations. A merger is supposed to be more of a coming together of equals, but it is rare […]

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USA Today Report Exposes Rampant Nursing Home Understaffing

Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers warn the public regarding reports of severe understaffing throughout the nursing home industry. A December 1, 2022, article published by USA Today reveals the rampant understaffing the pervades US nursing homes. Sadly, understaffing is a leading cause of resident accidents and injuries. Philadelphia nursing home neglect lawyers at the Wieand […]

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NY Attorney General Sues Nursing Home for Resident Neglect, Fraud

Nursing home negligence lawyers are watching a new lawsuit filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James against a New York nursing home alleging fraud and neglect. According to the Office of the Attorney General, the lawsuit follows an in-depth investigation of The Village of Orleans Health and Rehabilitation Center (The Villages). The attorney general […]

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