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Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia, PA
Even though car accidents are typically very quick, a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA knows the aftermath of a car accident is never as quick as it happened. Have you been injured in a motor vehicle accident? Do you believe that someone else is at fault for your injury? Have you been working with an insurance agent to get the compensation you deserve? Are you left feeling frustrated with the time and energy it is taking to resolve your claim and get back to your life? If this sounds like you, consider contacting the competent and caring car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA at Wieand Law Firm, LLC today to find out what they may be able to do to help.
Unfortunately, even in minor accidents, it can completely throw off your entire day. In more serious accidents, it can ruin the weeks and even months following after the accident has occurred. Even though there is not always something to do about the aftermath of a car accident, there are things you can do to prepare for the weeks and months following the accident to make sure they are easier on you. While it may seem that everything is out of your control when a car accident has occurred, there are steps you can take to help any claim you file be smoother and help your recovery process become more streamlined. For more information on how a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania car accident lawyer from Wieand Law Firm, LLC can help you, keep reading below.
Step to Take Immediately Following an Accident

  1. Always Evaluate Yourself. It is imperative that you always examine yourself—even if it is a quick once-over—to ensure you don’t have any obvious signs of damage. If you are unable to move on your own or if your body is stuck, call for help. If you believe you have sustained life-threatening injuries, call 9-1-1 immediately. If you seem to be fine for the moment, check on any other passengers in your own vehicle or see how the other driver is doing.
  2. Call the Police. If any vehicular damage occurred or if anyone sustained an injury because of the accident, it is a good idea to call 9-1-1 and get the police on the scene immediately. Law enforcement can help to document the accident from everyone’s points of view and a police report can help when it comes time to file a claim.
  3. Exchange Your Information. Always exchange information with the other driver, regardless of how little property damage was done and even if you do not feel like your injuries are severe. Get their name, their insurance information, and their contact information before leaving the scene.
  4. Never Admit Fault. While you are speaking with the other driver, it is imperative that you do not apologize for anything and that you don’t admit fault. Even if you believe you might be partly at fault in this accident, avoid saying anything along the lines of “I’m sorry.” Their car insurance company can use this against you later if you decide to file a claim against them and say that the accident was your fault.
  5. Document the Scene. You can do this by taking pictures of the area you got into an accident in, taking pictures of both vehicles, and even saving your clothes from the accident. It can also be very helpful to write down your account of what happened during the accident to ensure you have a documented version before your memory begins to fade.
  6. Get Medical Attention. Even if you don’t believe your injuries are serious or even if you can’t see any injuries, it is always to seek medical attention. A doctor may find underlying injuries (such as a traumatic brain injury) that you are entirely unaware of. Additionally, medical records can be very useful when filing a claim.

What can the attorneys at Wieand Law Firm, LLC do for you?
A Philadelphia car accident lawyer at Wieand Law Firm, LLC has many years of experience representing plaintiffs injured in motor vehicle accidents. It is likely that they have seen cases just like yours and they know what to do to get you a fair result from your claim. They know insurance representatives and defense attorneys in Philadelphia and they are familiar with the traffic laws and court procedures in this area. The attorneys at Wieand Law Firm, LLC can leverage this knowledge to help you at any phase of your personal injury claim.
What are the phases of a car accident claim?
Your personal injury claim will likely begin with a call to the other driver’s insurance company. You or your insurance agent may be negotiating with the other driver’s insurance company to get reimbursement for your vehicle damage as well as recover the cost of your medical bills and other compensation for your injury. During this claim negotiation phase, the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania car accident lawyer at Wieand Law Firm, LLC may be able to step in and help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of insurance. Although it may seem like your insurance agent has your interest at heart, it is always a good idea to consider hiring your own trusted Philadelphia car accident lawyer at this phase to make sure your interests are represented and that you are on your way to getting fair compensation for your injuries. If you are unable to resolve your personal injury claim during settlement, the next phase is to file a lawsuit to recover damages. Although trials can be long and costly, sometimes they are the only way to get the compensation that you deserve. You should certainly consider hiring competent and professional attorneys, such as those at Wieand Law Firm, LLC to represent you in any lawsuit you plan to file.
Consider Calling the Car Accident Lawyer Philadelphia Residents Trust at Wieand Law Firm, LLC Today
The attorneys at Wieand Law Firm, LLC are experienced negotiators. They can help you talk to your insurance company and the insurance company representing the person at fault in the accident. They are capable of negotiating a fair resolution to your claim relatively quickly. The attorneys at Wieand Law Firm, LLC are also experienced litigators. If settlement negotiations fail, they are ready to provide you zealous and competent representation in the courtroom. No matter how your car accident claim resolves, whether in settlement or in a trial, the attorneys at Wieand Law Firm, LLC are prepared to see that you are compensated fairly for you losses and are able to get back to your life as soon as possible.
4 Things Never to Do After an Auto Accident
Your emotions might be all over the place following an auto accident, but you need to take a moment and cool down before you make a mistake. There are some things you should do after an accident. For example, call the police, check on everyone’s safety and contact your insurance provider. There are also some things you should never do after your accident. The following are just a few.
1. Take Responsibility
Act responsibly, but don’t take responsibility for the accident itself. In other words, do not admit fault. The police report will make that determination, and if you speak up before the responding officer has a chance to assess the scene him- or herself, you may incriminate yourself. It’s possible there was a circumstance you weren’t privy to. That circumstance could put fault on someone else. Even if you think you’re responsible, don’t admit it to anyone.
2. Neglect Medical Help
If you are injured, it’s essential you accept medical help. You don’t have to be the hero that helps everyone else if you are also suffering. Let the paramedics take a look at your injuries, and if they recommend a visit to the hospital, take it. You can worry about payment later when you’ve had time to recover. Your car accident lawyer in Philadelphia, PA can also be working on a lawsuit while you’re in the hospital.
3. Drive Away
Until the responding police officer gives you the all clear to leave the scene, don’t do it! Nothing makes you look more guilty, and it’s also illegal in most states. If you’re in an accident, stick around to make sure everyone’s okay and to speak with the police officer so you can give your version of what occurred.
4. Speak With the Other Driver’s Insurer
It’s possible if the other driver is at fault, his or her insurance provider will try to get in touch with you. You have no legal responsibility to speak with a representative of that company. In more cases than not, the insurer is trying to settle a claim before they have too much liability. If they can get you to accept an offer before you fully understand your future medical expenses, it benefits their company. It also leaves you in a hard situation. When the other insurer calls, politely inform him or her that you’ll have your attorney get in touch.
Your Guide to Talking to Insurance Adjusters After an Accident
Following a car accident, you will likely hear from the other driver’s insurance company. This is a simple protocol on behalf of the other insurance company. Most people are not accustomed to speaking to another driver’s insurance company and it is completely normal to be unsure of what to say. Fortunately, our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania car accident lawyer has a few solid tips for you when dealing with insurance companies.
Do Not Discuss Personal Details
When the insurance adjuster calls, you need to be careful of what you say. Insurance companies are money-making businesses. While you are focused on receiving fair compensation, they are focused on paying out as little as possible. This means that you have to make sure that you don’t say anything that could compromise your case. Do not talk about your injuries or the car accident itself.
You can tell them the names of witnesses, tell them the models of the vehicles involved and where it happened. You do not have to tell them the extent of your injuries or explain your side of the accident. Remember that they will look for any inconsistencies in your story or reason to give you less money. Instead of divulging these details, you should tell them that the case is still under investigation.
Do Not Sign Anything
Sometimes an insurance adjuster will send you documents to sign. Before you sign any documents, take the paperwork to your lawyer. He or she will be able to advise you on whether it is smart to sign the documents. You do not want to give the adjuster the right to look at your entire medical history. Often, this is what they want to do. When they look at your history, they may be looking for a reason to poke holes in your injury claim.
Refer the Company to Your Lawyer
If you have a lawyer, then you should tell the adjuster to speak to your lawyer. Your lawyer will be able to talk on your behalf and has the experience not to say anything that will compromise your case. In addition, anything he or she says is a third-person account and hence cannot be used against you.
Remember that you are not obligated to say anything to the other insurance company. You should not feel as though you need to make a statement. In fact, lawyers will most likely tell you to be careful about what you say. They will advise you on what to and what not to say when it comes to speaking to the other driver’s insurance company.
Contacting a Lawyer
Being in an accident comes with a lot of “dos and don’ts.” If you are in an accident, be sure you avoid the four things above as well as the “dos and don’ts” listed and contact an attorney for assistance in the aftermath.
Consider calling a car accident lawyer Philadelphia, PA relies on at Wieand Law Firm, LLC today to set up an initial consultation.

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