Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

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Under Pennsylvania law, all employers must have workers’ compensation insurance. These policies exist to provide medical care and a percentage of wages to an employee who has been injured, or fallen ill, on the job. Although the ability to recover workers’ compensation might sound straightforward, rarely is the process that easy. There are a number of requirements that a worker must fulfill in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation. While this is fair, sometimes a worker is unable to receive workers’ compensation due to unnecessary obstacles placed by an employer, preventing the worker from obtaining the compensation they are entitled to receive. If you suspect that this situation applies to you, you may explore your possible legal options by talking to a lawyer about your scenario. As a workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, we know of too many cases in which an employer had to tenaciously fight for compensation that was rightfully owed to them.

If you’re seeking workers’ compensation, and would like a legal advocate to guide you through the process, please call Wieand Law Firm, LLC. We will be happy to explain what you can expect, complete and file your paperwork, maintain all communication with the insurance company, and protect your interests. We will take the necessary time to get to know you and the specific details of your case, and provide the accommodations we can to help you. The notion of filing a claim can be a lot to evaluate, and we don’t expect you to make a decision on the spot. You may be wondering if there is enough evidence to make a strong case. However, it is worth having a consultation with an experienced lawyer who can inform you whether it is recommended to pursue legal action. You may be entitled to compensation if a lawyer finds that you have a valid claim. If you decide not to consult a lawyer at all, you won’t know for certain how strong your case might be. Call a Philadelphia, PA workers’ compensation lawyer today. 

Up to 50% of all workers’ compensation claims are denied. It is up to the employer to determine whether workers’ compensation claims are valid, however they must follow certain legal requirements. By law, you must be given a reason for denial. Most commonly, these include:

  • An error in paperwork
  • An allegation of a false claim
  • Failure to include enough evidence
  • Failure to meet the deadlines

The more complex, or serious, the injuries are, the more likely the case will be denied. Many complex or serious injuries still qualify for workers’ compensation though. However, some companies do not want to go through the hassle of providing workers’ compensation. Being denied can be devastating and only add insult to injury. To avoid challenges like this, it is recommended that you have a Philadelphia, PA workers’ compensation lawyer on your side from the very beginning. In the event you took measures into your own hands, only to be denied, now is the time to consider legal support. A lawyer has access to tools, resources and has a deep understanding of the complexities of workers’ compensation laws. You may be able to get through the claims process more efficiently with a lawyer by your side. In case you experience obstacles or errors occur, a lawyer will be able to suggest informed solutions or alternative strategies so that your case argument will not be jeopardized. You save time and money by seeking the help and support of an experienced lawyer early on in the process. 

Wieand Law Firm, LLC has years of experience in helping injured, and ill, employees. When an unfortunate event occurs that is out of your control, you can depend on a lawyer to provide swift and meaningful legal assistance. A serious illness or injury can make tasks such as completing paperwork or compiling records take twice as long or make it even more difficult to complete. Too many people with legitimate and eligible illnesses or injuries apply for workers’ compensation only to get denied. No one should have to go through hoops to obtain something as critical as workers’ compensation. A respected and experienced lawyer will fight tirelessly to ensure you obtain your rightful compensation amount. We work zealously to secure maximum benefits for our clients. By choosing us to represent you, please know that we:

  • Have a team of educated, supportive, and honest staff
  • Offer individualized attention to every case
  • Guide clients through the process and ensure they know what to expect
  • Are well versed with local Philadelphia courts, as well as State and Federal courts
  • Seek maximum benefits
  • Can assist you with getting the right medical care

Available Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Workers’ compensation benefits typically include the following.

Medical Care – All related medical care, including ER visits, surgery, rehabilitation, therapy, doctor’s visits, medication, and so forth should be covered. 

Disability – Any worker unable to carry out their job duties, because of a temporary or permanent disability, should receive disability benefits. 

Permanent Injuries – Loss of one of the five senses, an organ, or limb might qualify you for additional benefits. 

Death – If a worker lost their life because of their job, surviving family members may be able to seek future wages, retirement benefits, funeral and burial expenses, and more. 

Workers’ compensation does not provide monetary damages for things like pain and suffering or emotional anguish. These may only be available in a personal injury claim. A workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA will likely review your case to determine whether this type of claim is also accessible. Since this type of claim involves many legal nuances, it is recommended that you do not attempt to file it yourself and seek professional assistance instead. Generally, a third party must have caused the injury.

If you are struggling to obtain workers’ compensation you are eligible to receive, contact a top lawyer now so you can learn about your legal rights and ways to recover compensation. A lawyer will help you throughout each stage of the claims process. If you are ready to protect your full employee rights, call a workers’ compensation lawyer in Philadelphia, PA. Call Wieand Law Firm, LLC

Where To File for Workers’ Compensation

You were excited about the prospect of working out of state. It allows you to make more money for your family, and while you have to spend time away, it all would be worth it in the future. Unfortunately, soon after you take the new job, you get injured. The doctors who first examine you determine the injury to be work-related, thus qualifying you for workers’ compensation. How does it work if you live in one state but work in another? When trying to navigate the complicated waters of workers’ compensation from a state or two away, you may want to keep some of these basic insights in mind.

States Make the Workers’ Compensation Laws

The states set workers’ compensation laws. There is no federal requirement or oversight for private companies. Some state laws do not make all employers cover workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Under these laws, you cannot file for benefits even if hurt on the job. You would have to file a civil suit against the company and try to get financial recourse that way. 

Consider the Laws Where You Live First

If you get hurt while working elsewhere, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation action in either state. You should first check out the laws in the place where you spend most of your time. This makes medical treatment coordination easier for the company and ultimately you. After reviewing the laws where you live, you may then compare them to the laws in the state where you were working at the time of your injury. If benefits in either state are better, you may file your action there. Again, you get a choice since you live in one place and work in another.

Figure Out Which State’s Laws Are More Beneficial

Since you get to choose where to file, you may want to give a lot of thought to where you will get the most help with your injuries. To do that, you want to consider if either state has a cap for financial damages or awards. Some will not let you recover over a certain dollar amount depending on your injury. Other states have no limit to these awards. Another thing you want to look at is what point each state will deem you disabled. This goes for temporary and permanent disability ratings and benefits. Some states also will not let you bring an action for psychological injuries, while others do.

It may get tricky when determining where to file for benefits after a workplace injury. You may want to consider talking to a workers’ compensation lawyer where you live and where you work to get an idea of how to proceed.

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