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Car accidents are among the most common causes of serious injury and death in the United States. They can happen unexpectedly and change your life in the blink of an eye.

If you are injured in a car crash, it is your absolute right to hire a Philadelphia car accident attorney. To speak with an experienced lawyer at the Wieand Law Firm call 1(877) 654-3887. We handle all types of motor vehicle accident cases.

It’s well known that high-speed collisions and aggressive driving can have devastating results for everyone involved. However, even smaller “fender benders” can cause serious trauma. Relatively minor car accidents often result in painful whiplash injuries that stretch and tear the muscles, tendons, and ligaments, cause disc herniations and even nerve damage. If you are the victim of a car accident, the Wieand Law Firm can help get you back on your feet and recover compensation for your injuries and other losses.

We aren’t like most Car Accident Lawyers in Philadelphia

Unlike many Philadelphia law firms, the Wieand Law Firm doesn’t run a high-volume “law factory” with minimal attorney interaction. Managing attorney, Brent Wieand, devotes his full attention to a small number of serious personal injury claims to get our clients the best results. He has successfully represented clients suffering from serious injuries sustained in automobile accidents:

  • Traumatic brain injury/head trauma
  • Spinal cord Injuries such as herniated and bulging discs
  • Scarring and Disfigurement
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Knee injuries including sprains and meniscus tears
  • Broken bones
  • Severe Burns
  • Wrongful Death

The Wieand Law Firm has handled almost every conceivable type of auto accident, including collisions with commercial vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and motorcycles. Our goal is to maximize compensation for your full range of injuries and economic damages

Why Hire the Wieand Law Firm for your Injury Claim?

We have years of experience representing victims of car accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Founding attorney, Brent Wieand, has been selected as a Super Lawyers “Rising Star” for the years 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.

You can depend on the Wieand Law Firm to effectively handle your car accident case and keep you informed every step of the way. For a free legal consultation call 1(877) 654-3887 or fill out the online form. We work on a contingency fee basis. This means you will never owe any costs or attorney’s fees unless we recover money for you. To us, your claim is more than an easy settlement. To us, it’s personal.

7 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

After a serious car accident, you will likely be shaken up, stressed-out and not know what to do. Don’t worry, we’re here to help.

There are several steps you can take to protect your legal rights after an automobile accident.

If you’re hurt, seek medical treatment. You should always be evaluated at an emergency room if you suffer a serious trauma or head injury in a car accident. In instances involving sprain and strain or whiplash injuries, you should make an appointment with your primary care physician or an orthopedic doctor as soon as possible. Following an accident, your health should always be your number one priority. If you later choose to make a claim for your injuries, your medical records will be crucial evidence that can be used to support your claim.

Record Important Information. Try to collect as much information as you can after a car accident. Write down the names, telephone numbers, addresses and insurance information of other drivers involved in the accident. If there are independent witnesses, take their names, addresses and telephone numbers. Record the make, model, color and tag number of all vehicles involved.

Take Pictures. Use your cell phone or camera to take pictures of the accident scene, the vehicles involved and any conditions that you think may have contributed to the accident, such as defective traffic signals, missing signs, or defective roadways.

Write Down Accident Details. Your memory of this chaotic day is likely to fade or even change with time. By promptly recording your recollection of what happened after an accident you can help preserve evidence needed to prove your case.

Notify the Police. A police investigation can be helpful to prove your case. Responding officers are trained in accident investigation. They will document observations from the accident scene, take statements from drivers, passengers and witnesses, as well as make a report which can be useful when making an insurance claim. Sometimes, police will not respond to minor car accidents. If police do not come to the scene you can go to the station to file a report.

Never give a Recorded Statement to an Insurance Company. Always consult with an experienced car accident lawyer before giving a recorded statement to ANY automobile insurance company. It is smart to communicate with insurance companies through legal counsel who can protect your rights.

Never Accept a Settlement Offer Before Consulting a Lawyer. Don’t be fooled by a friendly insurance adjuster who makes a settlement offer immediately after an accident. Its a trap! The insurance company’s goal is to settle your case for less than full value. Before you sign anything, consult with an experienced auto accident lawyer concerning the value of your claim. Car accident injury victims who are represented by legal counsel are likely to get a much better result.

How does the Car Insurance Claims Process Work?

Following an accident, it is important to notify your insurer of the incident. If you don’t give timely notice of the accident it could result in a waiver of coverage. Upon giving notice of an accident, your auto insurance company will conduct an investigation as to what happened and the resulting damages. Your insurer may require you to submit documentation including auto repair bills/estimates, medical records, medical bills, and wage loss verification to support your claim. Your insurer may also request your recorded statement. Don’t give it them before consulting with a lawyer!

During this time, you may also be contacted by the other driver’s insurance company. You do not need to speak with them!

Attorney Wieand knows that car accident are stressful and traumatic. His goal is to make the claims process as easy as possible. Let Brent deal with your insurance company so you can focus on making a quick recovery and getting your life back to normal.

Will Auto Insurance Pay my Medical Bills after a Car Accident?

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, as well as most states throughout the country, state legislatures have enacted laws that require drivers to carry a minimum amount of insurance to pay for car accident related medical bills. The minimum required coverage varies from state to state. In addition, drivers can usually purchase insurance in an amount greater than the minimum coverage required.

An auto accident attorney can help you determine who is responsible to pay your medical bills, what coverage you have, make a claim for these benefits and then ensure that the insurance company pays these benefits in good faith.

Will Auto Insurance Pay Wage loss after a Car Accident?

If you are hit by a negligent driver and become injured, your automobile insurance company may reimburse you for some or all of your lost wages. This is known as first party wage loss benefits. The amount of wage loss benefits you are entitled to will depend on your lost earnings, your insurance coverage and proper submission of a wage loss claim.

In addition, you may be able to recover lost wages and future income loss from the negligent driver and/or his auto insurance company.

What Damages are Recoverable in a Claim against a Negligent Driver?

If you are injured due to another motorist’s careless driving, you are generally entitled to recover damages for bodily injuries, past and future medical expenses, past and future wage loss, loss of earnings capacity, pain, and suffering and property damage. If the defendant driver was grossly negligent, reckless or intentionally caused your injury, you may also be entitled to punitive damages against that driver. A common reason punitive damages may be awarded is if a defendant caused an accident while operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

In addition, the spouse of a car accident victim may also make a claim for loss of consortium. A loss of consortium claim allows a spouse to recover damages for the loss of affection and intimacy of their partner.

How much Time do I have to Lawsuit Following a Car Accident?

Each state has adopted a “statute of limitations” that sets the period of time in which you can file a lawsuit. The amount of time you have to bring a car accident injury claim varies from state to state.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, with very limited exceptions, the statute of limitations for personal injury matters is two years from the date of incident. This deadline is extremely important. If you fail to bring a lawsuit or settle your claim within the statute of limitations, you will forever lose your right to sue for injuries you incurred in a car accident.

Don’t wait to contact a lawyer if you injured in a car accident. A lawyer will need sufficient time to investigate your claim before filing a lawsuit. Although you have two years to file a lawsuit, the sooner a lawyer can start collecting evidence to support your claim, the better.

What If the Other Driver is Uninsured or Underinsured?

It is estimated that around 12 percent of drivers on the road are uninsured. This means that the motorist carries no automobile insurance to pay for damages or injuries they may cause in a car accident. If you are injured by a uninsured motorist there may be other avenues to recover compensation for your losses.

In Pennsylvania and New Jersey, insurance companies are required to offer Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage for purchase when selling auto insurance policies. This coverage allows people to protect themselves and household family members in the event of a hit-and-run accident or an accident with an uninsured motorist. In addition, PA and NJ have each set up a state run benefits plan that offers coverage for certain accidents if no other insurance is available.

If you were injured by an uninsured driver, Philadelphia car accident attorney, Brent Wieand, can help you determine if you are eligible for benefits and file a claim on your behalf.

Should I Hire a Car Accident Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia?

You have the right to legal representation if you are injured in a car accident. Although no lawyer can guarantee a certain result, the surest way to secure maximum compensation for your injuries and other losses is to hire an experienced car accident attorney.

Most car accident attorneys in Pennsylvania and New Jersey offer a free legal consultation and work on a contingency fee basis. This means you don’t need to pay expensive upfront costs and attorney’s fees.

So a better question is, why shouldn’t you hire an attorney?

What happens after I file a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

Legal proceedings are commenced by filing a civil complaint which sets forth your allegations against the defendant driver and other responsible parties. After a complaint is filed, the defendants have the opportunity to answer the complaint, and then the parties begin a process known as discovery.

In discovery, the parties will exchange written questions and requests for information. The defendant(s) may request that you appear for a deposition, where they can ask you questions under oath, and/or attend a defense medical examination where a doctor hired by the defendant(s) will evaluate your injuries. The parties also have the ability to subpoena information from non-parties.

Disagreements that arise in the discovery process are handled through a process known as motions practice. Discovery motions are usually argued before a judge or magistrate.

After discovery is completed, if the parties cannot reach a settlement agreement, your case may be adjudicated at a trial or through some alternative dispute resolution process, such as arbitration or mediation.

Who’s at Fault for the Accident?

There are two sides to every story. It is not uncommon for drivers to dispute who is at fault for a motor vehicle accident – often with vastly different accounts as to how the accident happened.

In order to protect yourself, it is important to be proactive. Take photographs of the accident scene, get witness contact information and give responding police a clear statement as to how the accident occurred. You should never admit fault following an accident or offer an apology that may later be used against you as an admission of guilt.

Pennsylvania follows a comparative negligence law which reduces a person’s recovery proportionately for their share of comparative negligence. However, if you are found to be more than 50 percent responsible for the accident you will be barred from recovering any compensation.

Thus, even if you were partially at fault for the accident, you may be able to bring a claim for your injuries. In cases of disputed liability, it is especially crucial to hire an attorney to represent you. For a free initial consultation, call Brent Wieand, an experienced car accident lawyer in Philadelphia today at 1(877) 654-3887.
What if I was hit by a Drunk Driver?

When a drunk drivers choose to get behind the wheel, the damages and serious injuries they cause to others is no accident. Drunk drivers and stoned drivers can be held liable for compensatory damages caused to the victim, as well as punitive damages meant to punish and deter drunk driving. In Pennsylvania, an automobile insurance company is not allowed to waive coverage because its insured was drunk or intoxicated.

Drunk Driving Accidents / Dram Shop Liability

An establishment that serves a visibly intoxicated person, who then causes an accident, it can also be held liable for the damages they cause. This is known as a dram shop liability. In Pennsylvania, dram shop laws apply to businesses that serve alcohol as well as private events. An establishment may also be held liable if it violates other dram shop laws, such as serving alcohol to a minor, serving alcohol after hours, or selling alcohol without a license.

In the city of Philadelphia, it is important to understand the current state of the possibilities of getting into a drunk driving accident. Even though you may not be at fault or even under the influence there is still a possibility of someone else hitting you. The graph below shows us the data of drinking drivers vs. non- drinking drivers involved in a car crash in 2016. According to data from Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, the age group with the highest percentage of driving drunk was the two age groups from 21-30 years of age. The age groups after that show a consistent decline. A group that is particularly concerning is the “Under 16” age group with a total of 8 drinking drivers.

Drinking Drivers vs. Non-Drinking Drivers Involved in Crashes by Age Group (2016)

If you are involved in an accident with a drunk driver, both the driver and establishment that served him should be held accountable for the damages caused.

What if I was Hit by a Car as a Pedestrian?

Car accidents involving pedestrians are especially scary due to the high risk of catastrophic harm. In the event, you are injured or a family member is killed by a negligent driver as a pedestrian, you have the right to be compensated for your injuries and economic losses.

In Pennsylvania, a pedestrian’s medical bills will first be paid by their own automobile insurance. If you are uninsured or don’t own a vehicle, the insurance company for the other vehicles involved in the accident will be responsible for your medical bills.

In addition, you can recover compensatory damages from the negligent driver. If the driver at fault was uninsured or underinsured, you may be able to get benefits through Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) coverage or through the Pennsylvania Assigned Claims Plan.

Where is the Wieand Law Firm Located?

Attorney Wieand serves clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The firm is headquartered in Center City, Philadelphia, and has offices throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania, including Chester County, Delaware County and Montgomery County. Brent is also proud to represent New Jersey residents regularly handles cases in South Jersey areas of Cherry Hill, Gloucester, Vineland, Mt Laurel and Camden, NJ.

To discuss your car accident injury claim call us today at 1(877) 654-3887.

“I turned to Brent after another firm rejected my case. He didn’t stop pushing until the other driver’s auto insurance offered its policy limits.”

***The above content is for information purposes only. It is not, and should not be used as, legal advice. Always consult with an experienced attorney if you have questions about your specific circumstances.***