Top Car Accident Law Firms in Philadelphia

Finding Top Car Accident Law Firms in Philadelphia

Top Car Accident Law Firms in PhiladelphiaIf you are hurt in a crash, you will want one of the top car accident law firms in Philadelphia to represent you. When you are seriously injured, the stakes are at their highest. Car accidents can drastically alter and disrupt your normal life. Collisions often cause painful and permanent injuries, enormous hospital bills, lost wages, and property damage to your vehicle. The lawyer and law firm who represents you for your personal injury case can make a profound impact on the result of your case. Certainly, you will want to select one of the top car accident law firms in Philadelphia to advocate on your behalf.
With so many car accident lawyers in Philadelphia, all claiming to be the , how do you find the top car accident law firms in Philadelphia for representation?  Here are some tips to help you evaluate your attorneys skills and abilities before you sign a contingency fee agreement.
The simplest way to start your search is by researching the law firm online. Almost all top car accident law firms in Philadelphia firms have a webpage that describe the practice areas the firm focuses on, the firm’s track record, success stories, attorney profiles and reviews from clients. You can usually tell from the website whether the law firm is a solo practitioner or small boutique practice that specializes in a certain area of law, a general practice that handles all garden variety claims, or a large firm.
Following an online search we suggest that you ask around about the law firm or attorneys who you think may be a good fit. The plaintiff’s personal injury bar is a small group where a reputation is quickly earned. It is easy to find out a lawyer’s reputation in the community by asking colleagues. For example, if an attorney is a member of an organization such as the Philadelphia Trial Lawyers, you could contact a member of the board to see if they can provide a reference.
We also suggest that in your search for top car accident law firms in Philadelphia that you find out how often they go to trial. Insurance companies know the top law firms in Philadelphia will take a case to a jury if a fair settlement offer is not presented. Other lesser law firms will opt for an easy settlement and move on to the next case. Therefore, it is important to check your car accident lawyers track record of taking cases to trial and getting results for his or her client.
The Wieand Law Firm is based in Philadelphia and advocates for victims of car accidents who have suffered debilitating injuries due to no fault of their own. We stand up to large insurance companies on a daily basis and refuse to settle cases until our clients are fairly compensated for their injuries and economic damages. To speak to a car accident lawyer in Philadelphia about your personal injury case contact us online or call 215-666-7777 for a free consultation.
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