T-bone Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

T-bone Accident Lawyer Trenton, NJ

T-bone accident lawyer Trenton, NJAt Weiand Law Firm, LLC, a T-bone accident lawyer Trenton, NJ families trust knows that both victims and their family members can be greatly affected by a terrible car accident. As the victim, you may have sustained injuries that require medical attention, leaving family members to try and pick up the pieces. If the other driver was mostly at-fault for the collision, then the victim may be entitled to substantial restitution for injuries, damages, and losses. This is especially true for t-bone accidents, which tend to result in the most serious injuries and vehicle damage.

If you or a loved one was in a t-bone accident and the other driver was at least partially responsible, then you may have a case. All you have to do to find out more is call Weiand Law Firm, LLC for a consultation. 

I am flooded with bills after the accident, what can I do?

The most common question clients have after a serious car accident is what to do about the bills they have accumulated since. Medical bills, costs to repair your vehicle, and loss of wage from missing work are issues that victims of car accidents frequently face. As a team of legal professionals, it is our job to inform you about your rights and help you pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

Most t-bone collisions occur because one person made a mistake which led to the crash. So as long as you were not the sole person who was responsible, you probably have grounds to seek monetary compensation for losses.

Depending on the factors of the collision, a car accident lawyer Trenton, NJ residents trust may suggest including one or more of these parties  in your lawsuit when seeking restitution: 

  • The driver that hit your car, particularly if they were being reckless when the accident occurred
  • The driver’s employer, if the driver was operating a vehicle owned by their employer
  • The manufacturer for the vehicle, if a mechanical failure or defective part caused the accident to happen 
  • A local government entity, if a road condition such as potholes or hazards in the road contributed to the accident 

When will I receive a settlement after filing a lawsuit?

Any reputable legal professional will tell you that there is no guarantee that a settlement will be secured for your case. What we can do is properly advise you so that it increases your chances of getting the money you deserve. In cases that do settle, when you receive the amount will vary greatly. The sooner you take the first step in filing a lawsuit, the sooner you may be awarded the money you need to get rid of outstanding bills, get the medical treatment you need, and overcome losses.

Call Weiand Law Firm, LLC today to hear more about how a New Jersey t-bone accident lawyer in Trenton can be of help to you during this difficult time. 

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