Nursing Home Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Nursing Home Lawyer Philadelphia, PA Nursing Home Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

A nursing home lawyer Philadelphia, PA residents trust from Wieand Law Firm, LLC knows that you may be wondering when it is possible to sue a nursing home for negligence. If your loved one was in a nursing home and they were injured because of an action that constitutes neglect, it is very possible that you may have the evidence you need to file a lawsuit. Although it may seem like you have things under control, we recommend you give our office a call to see how we can help you. Our firm specializes in nursing home abuse and neglect cases and our Philadelphia, Pennsylvania nursing home lawyer is here to help you. Give us a call to schedule your consultation. 

I want to file a lawsuit. What should I be looking for regarding the nursing home’s actions?

Our Philadelphia nursing home lawyer understands that there are many factors that come into play when it comes to being legally responsible for harm that came to a patient at a nursing home. Whether an act was intentional or an accident, you may have what you need for a lawsuit. Below, we will provide you with more information regarding certain circumstances that may lead to a nursing home lawsuit. 

  • Improper Medication. The staff members who supply patients with medication should be aware of precisely what kind of medication each patient needs, how much to give them, and when to give it. If a staff member failed to give your loved one their medication or accidentally gave them the wrong medication, this may show that the staff member was negligent. 
  • Hazardous Premises. The facility where your loved one resides should be hazard-free and safe. That means that when a staff member is made aware of a danger on the premises, they are obligated to clean it or fix it as quickly as reasonably possible. 
  • Residents Being Unsupervised. If your loved one was harmed or became injured because staff members were not supervising them when they were supposed to, it is very likely that you could bring a claim against the nursing home. Our Philadelphia, PA nursing home lawyer can help you with this claim.

If your loved one was injured while staying at a nursing home, you should not be burdened with filing a lawsuit on your own. Instead, work with the attorneys who specialize in this area of the law. Call Wieand Law Firm, LLC to speak with our trusted nursing home lawyer in Philadelphia, PA now!

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