Atlantic County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Atlantic County Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

As Atlantic County’s population ages, more and more people are spending their final years in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.  Sadly, elder abuse and caregiver negligence is on the rise.  We believe that elderly people have earned the right to live to the fullest and be treated with dignity and respect.  Therefore, we have made it our mission to aggressively represent the rights and interests of older people living in New Jersey.

Atlantic County nursing home abuse attorney Brent Wieand, the creator of The Nursing Home Injury Help Center website, has extensive experience litigating personal injury and wrongful death claims, including medical malpractice and financial exploitation.  He handles cases throughout Atlantic County, including Atlantic City, Egg Harbor Township, Galloway Township, Hamilton Township, Pleasantville, Somers Point and Ventnors City. Brent is licensed to practice law in

New Jersey State Court and District Courts.

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Types of Injury Claims Our Attorneys Handle

Abuse is any form of deliberate mistreatment, whether it be physical, sexual, financial, or verbal.  Neglect is the failure to provide adequate care which meets state and/or federal standards, or goes against the facility’s own policies.

Unfortunately, both of these issues are rampant and happen every single day in elder care facilities throughout Atlantic County.  Many instances result in serious injuries that could have otherwise been avoided.  In addition to causing pain to the residents themselves, the tandem issues of neglect and abuse also devastate relatives who have had their trust betrayed by the same people who were supposed to care for their loved ones.

The Nursing Home Injury Help Center was created to help victims and their families fight back against substandard nursing homes. Our attorneys understand the pain our clients have suffered and won’t stop until the facilities are held accountable. This includes making every effort to ensure that residents and their families are compensated for their pain and suffering as well as expenses arising out of the injury both now and in the future.  Some of the most common types of claims for nursing home neglect and abuse include:

  • Bed sores, also known as pressure sores or decubitus ulcers.  Bed sores are usually caused by negligent caregivers who fail to take basic measures like changing bed sheets and periodically repositioning bed-bound residents’ limbs.
  • Falls resulting in fractured bones, concussion or serious injury.  The CDC reports over 95% of hip fractures are caused by falls.
  • Wandering, also called elopement, occurs when a distracted or absent caregiver allows a resident to wander off premises where he or she can be injured, robbed, lost, or killed.
  • Dehydration and malnutrition can seriously damage the immune system.  Under a federal law called the FNHRA (Federal Nursing Home Reform Act), residents are legally entitled to meals which meet their full nutritional needs.
  • Wrongful death is any death which occurs because of a person or business entity’s unlawful or negligent behavior.
  • Medication errors can result in deadly drug interactions, or result in the resident’s health issue going untreated.
  • Amputations in a nursing home context are usually necessitated either by bed sores or poor diabetes management.  Both bed sores and diabetes are manageable conditions, and negligent care or medical malpractice are often to blame when amputation becomes necessary.

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What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect

In addition to contacting a nursing home abuse lawyer who can advocate for compensation, you should also contact:

  • New Jersey’s Long-Term Care Ombudsman.  If you believe that an elderly person is being neglected or abused don’t let your doubt stop you from reporting your suspicions.  You may be saving a life.
  • The Medicaid Fraud Control Units (MFCU).  The New Jersey State’s Attorney General’s office is required by law to have a unit that investigates and prosecutes Medicaid provider fraud and patient abuse in health care programs participating in Medicaid.

You may also write to the MFCU at:

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit of New Jersey
Office of the Attorney General
25 Market Street
P.O. Box 094
Trenton, NJ 08625
T: (609) 896-872
F: (609) 896-8696

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It is important to act quickly in order to preserve your rights to bring a claim.  In New Jersey, there is a two-year statute of limitations on negligence and wrongful death claims, which means if you do not file a lawsuit within two years of the injury or death, your claim will be forever barred.

If you suspect that a relative is suffering due to substandard care at a nursing home, don’t wait!  Call The Nursing Home Injury Help Center at (215) 666-7777 immediately to set up a free and private case evaluation.

Disclosure: Attorney Brent Wieand’s office is located in Philadelphia, PA.  We happily serve clients throughout all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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