Removing a Resident From a Nursing Home

Removing a Resident From a Nursing Home

A nursing home resident has the right to see immediate family, the Ombudsman, and representatives of the Secretary at all times.
Residents have the right to discharge at any time if it is their choice or the choice of their appointed Power of Attorney or Guardian.
If the resident’s attending physician feels that the resident is not medically safe to discharge from the facility, it may be documented that the resident has discharged against medical advice.
The Social Worker for the community should assist the family in securing appropriate care following discharge. This may include assisting with finding placement at an alternative nursing home, or setting up community resources such as home health, hospice care, or other community based services.
Residents have the right to view/have access to their medical record immediately and have the right to have a copy within 2 business days. A copying charge is allowable.

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