Filing A Grievance

Filing A Grievance

If you have a problem at a nursing home facility, first talk to the staff involved. If there is a problem with a resident’s care, talk to the nurse or CNA responsible for the residents care. The staff may not be aware of the problem unless you tell them. If the problem isn’t resolved, ask to speak with the Director of Nursing, a social worker or the nursing home administrator.
If you cannot resolve the issue informally, the next step is to file a grievance. All nursing home and assisted living facilities must have a grievance procedure for complaints. Follow the facility’s grievance procedure to submit a complaint.

Report Mistreatment to the Department of Health

If you feel you need outside help to resolve your problem, call the Ombudsman or the State Survey Agency for your state. The facility is required by law to post contact information for state groups that police and monitor the facility.

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