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How Tire Blowouts Can Lead to Devastating Accidents

Tire Blowout AttorneysWhen driving on the street or highway, there are various factors that could contribute to a terrible accident. However, one risk that many drivers may not consider as being likely to happen are tire blowouts. Many drivers simply trust that their tires will get them from one point to another safety. Despite regular tire rotations, inspections, and proper maintenance, some tires may still be defective.
If you were recently involved in an accident due to a tire blowout, a tire blowout attorney at Wieand Law Firm can consult with you about who may be responsible for the mechanical failure. It is our focus to help victims of accidents to seek the compensation they need to overcome the physical and financial setback.
Why Tire Blowouts Can Happen
A tire blowout happens when a tire loses air quickly and explodes, making it almost impossible for the driver to remain in control over the vehicle. When the tire deflates rapidly and pops, the vehicle driver may endure multiple rollovers. A defective tire can pose a huge safety risk and impair the driver’s ability to maneuver the car if it were to combust. The driver, passengers, bicyclists, and pedestrians nearby can all be put in jeopardy in the event of a tire blowout.
Suing the Manufacturer, Distributor and/or Retailer
Victims of tire blowouts may be entitled to compensation by filing a liability claim against the tire manufacturer, distributor and/or retailer. An attorney for tire blowouts at Wieand Law Firm can meet with you privately to go over what exactly happened to you. After reviewing the circumstances of the accident, we can give you options as to the approach when seeking a settlement or lawsuit award.
Dangerous Tread Separation
When a tire is recalled, it is often linked to a defective manufacturing design that causes tread separation. Tires are created through mixing several layers or plies. If the design which makes these layers adhere to the other is flawed, it can result in treated separating while the vehicle is in motion. Tread separation can be due to using a weak adhesive when sticking the layers together.
Substandard Materials and Installation
Manufacturers who sell tires that are made from materials below standard for the industry or installs tires not appropriate for a certain vehicle, it could put the driver at serious risk for a devastating accident. Even if the tires are made with quality material based on a perfect design, incorrect installation may be the leading factor in a tire blowout accident.
If you or loved one suffered loss and physical injury due to a faulty tire, please contact us immediately for a thorough consultation. When meeting with a member of our legal team bring evidence related to the accident, including items like receipts for purchasing the tires, medical documentation for injuries, vehicle repair estimates, and photographs. A tire blowout attorney at Wieand Law Firm understands that tire blowouts can be prevented. Let us help you seek restitution for someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence by calling today.

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