Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

Personal Injury Lawyer in Philadelphia

 Personal Injury Lawyer in PhiladelphiaIf you suffered an injury because of another person’s negligence, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. However, in order to have a successful claim, you must provide clear evidence that your injuries were directly caused by the defendant’s actions. One of the personal injury lawyers in Philadelphia from Wieand Law Firm can help you gather this pertinent evidence.

Here are some of the important pieces of evidence you may need for your claim:

Accident Report
An accident report provides an objective perspective of the details of the accident. The document may include who was involved in the accident, where it occurred and how it was caused. For example, if you were in a car accident, the police officer who was called to the scene will write up a police report. The police department can give you a copy of this report for a small fee. If you are unsure how to obtain a report, one of the personal injury lawyers from Wieand Law Firm can help.

As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Photos can provide a visual representation of the accident, so be sure to take plenty of them. For instance, if you were involved in a car accident, you’ll want to take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the other vehicles involved in the accident, skid marks on the road and traffic signs. Each of the personal injury lawyers from our firm always advise clients to obtain photos to use as evidence.

Medical Records
The personal injury lawyers know that medical records are one of the most essential pieces of evidence in a personal injury claim because they provide details of your injury, the types of treatments you have received and the treatments you may require in the future. Ask for copies of your medical records from all the medical professionals you’ve seen, including doctors, surgeons, physical therapists, and psychologists.

Journal Entries
It’s a good idea to write in a journal every day as you recover from your injuries. Include details like the amount of pain you feel and other symptoms you’re dealing with. These journal entries can paint a picture of how your injuries are impacting various areas of your life.

Witness Statements
If there were witnesses present at the time of the accident, it’s helpful to obtain their information. Politely ask them for their full names and contact information. Your personal injury lawyer may contact these individuals and ask them to testify on your behalf.

Employment Records
If you suffered serious injuries, you will likely have to take some time off of work. If you lose pay because of your injury, you may be able to recover lost wages. Ask your employer to document the days you have missed from work and provide information about how much you make an hour and the average number of hours you work every week.
If you suffered a personal injury, you should schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. They can review the details of your case and advise you the way to proceed. Most of the personal injury lawyers offer free initial consultations, so there isn’t any risk to speaking to one.

In the blink of an eye.
It all happened so fast. One minute, you were going about a day in your life just like you always do. The next minute, you are shocked, injured, in pain, and left wondering how to pick up the pieces. Suffering an injury, even one that may seem minor to those looking in from the outside, can be a life-altering event. Especially if your injury was caused by another person. Not only do you have to deal with the recovery from your injury and the replacement of any damaged property, but you also may be faced with residual feelings of anger, betrayal, and fear that such an accident may happen to you again. Although it may seem difficult, there may be a way to start the complex process of recovery through the civil justice system.

The Road to Recovery
The personal injury lawyers from Wieand Law Firm have been representing people just like you in Philadelphia for years. We know that money is not the only thing that you need to recover, but we also know that monetary compensation for your injury can relieve the stressful burden of medical bills, affording rehabilitative treatment, being out of work, and replacing any property damaged during the accident. We know and understand that relieving financial stress by getting the compensation you need may be the first step you need to take to get back on your feet and get back to your life.

Start with a Phone Call
If you were injured in an accident that was someone else’s fault, consider calling the friendly and helpful staff at Wieand Law Firm today to set up a meeting to discuss what we may be able to do for you. At your initial meeting, you will discuss the facts of your case, your injury, and what you are looking to achieve by filing a personal injury case. The initial meeting is free and is at no obligation to you. You will be able to ask questions about your potential lawsuit and learn more about the services offered by Wieand Law Firm. Such services include filing a lawsuit on your behalf, negotiating a settlement with an insurance company or attorney and representing you at trial.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations
If you find yourself the victim of another person’s actions, you probably have a strong case to file a personal injury lawsuit. However, after the injury you probably have a lot on your mind. As one of the personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania might explain to you, your top priority should always be to get your injury tended to by medical professionals. You will then have to handle medical bills, getting your life back on track, and more. It can be hard to find the time to file your claim, which raises the question of how much time you have to file. There is a time limit and it is referred to as the “statute of limitations.” What you should understand is that statute of limitations can change; therefore, it is advisable to ask the personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania about the statute that may be applicable to your own case. 

The Statute of Limitations
The time limit you have begins to count down at the time of the injury. If the statute of limitations is one year, for example, then you can file a claim up to exactly one year after the injury. The specific statute of limitations differs from one state to the next and from one type of claim to the next. When you utilize the personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania, such as those from Wieand Law Firm, we will be able to inform you of exactly how long the statute of limitations is in your case.
It is important to realize that the statute of limitations limits how long you have to file a claim. It does not mean your case needs to conclude before it runs out. However, it does take several days or weeks to file a case so you should not wait until the last minute to file. If you file after the statute of limitations expires, the judge will likely throw your case out. Bear in mind that even if the statue is, for example, two years, it could differ in your own case. For instance if you did not discover the injury until three years after the incident, you may still be able to pursue compensation. The personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania, from Wieand Law Firm can listen to what happened and let you know what options are available. 

How Long Is the Statute of Limitations?
For personal injury cases, the statute of limitations is almost always two or three years. However, there are 10 states where the statute of limitations for personal injury cases is longer or shorter. These exceptions are:

  • Kentucky – One year
  • Louisiana – One year
  • Tennessee – One year
  • Wyoming – One year
  • Florida – Four years
  • Nebraska – Four years
  • Utah – Four years
  • Missouri – Five years
  • Maine – Six years
  • North Dakota – Six years

In general, the statute of limitations for Pennsylvania is two years. Minors who were injured may have until they turn 20 years of age to file a case. Again, it is always a good idea to research the laws surrounding personal injury in your state. Each state handles things slightly differently, so being informed is wise. You can likely get a free consultation with the  personal injury lawyers in Pennsylvania. This  will allow you to get more focused information quickly and easily, and should always be one of the first steps you take to prepare for your personal injury case.
Personal Injury Lawyers in Philadelphia in Your Corner

The attorneys at Wieand Law Firm have seen the impact that a personal injury can have on a person and their family. We take immense pride in representing plaintiffs just like you, standing in your corner and helping you as you begin to put the pieces of your life back together.

From the moment you become a client of Wieand Law Firm, you have a team of competent, caring professionals who can use their years’ of experience to make a strong case on your behalf to defense attorneys, insurance agents, judges, and juries so that you get fair compensation for your claim. Call on of the injury lawyers available from the Wieand Law Firm today. We are here to help.

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