T-bone Accident Lawyer Philadelphia PA 

T-bone Accident Lawyer Philadelphia PA 

T-bone Accident Lawyer Philadelphia PA It is against the law in Pennsylvania to drive through a red light. Unfortunately, it is also pretty common for drivers to do just that. Some do it because the driver doesn’t realize the light has turned red, others blow through the light because they are in a hurry, impatient, or don’t feel the laws apply to them. Driving through red lights, however, can result in horrific crashes. If you have been injured in a crash, contact a T-bone accident lawyer Philadelphia PA victims recommend to find out what legal recourse you have against the driver who ran the light and caused the crash.

Under the law, a driver must come to a complete stop at a red traffic light. They must remain stopped until the light turns green. At that point, they can then proceed through the intersection. Unless there is a sign that prohibits it, a driver who is taking a right turn at the intersection can do so as long as the traffic is clear and after they have come to a complete stop. They do not have to wait until the light is green.

One of the most common – and severe – type of crash that occurs when a driver runs a red light is referred to as a T-bone accident. A T-bone crash is one where one vehicle slams into the side of another, making a “T” shape. These crashes are extremely serious, resulting in catastrophic injuries and death. When the impact is on the driver’s side of the vehicle, they are often without the protection of side-curtain airbags, crumple zones, and other safety features, especially in an older vehicle.

As a Philadelphia car accident lawyer can explain, lawsuits for these types of crashes are often filed under the negligence per se doctrine. In any personal injury lawsuit, the victim must prove that the other driver was liable for the crash. This can sometimes be difficult. However, when the at-fault driver was engaged in some type of behavior that violated the law and that action resulted in the crash, it makes the proof of negligence must easier.

When a driver runs a red light and crashes into the victim’s vehicle, the act of breaking the law by not stopping for the red light creates the presumption of that driver’s liability. This is legally referred to as negligence per se. The only thing a victim has to prove is that they have suffered injuries and those injuries caused economic and/or non-economic losses.

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