What Kind of Facilities Are Out There?

County Home

Run by the county government, they frequently act as a safety net for the aged. Many times, most of the residents in these communities utilize Medicaid as their payment source.

For-Profit Nursing Facilities and Assisted Living Centers

For-Profit Nursing Homes – These facilities are frequently run by corporations accountable to stockholders. They are commonly part of a large chain of nursing homes. While these companies may offer more consistent amenities across their various locations, you may find less personalized living options than with independent living centers.

Non-Profit Options for Nursing Home Care

Not-for-profit Nursing Homes – Non-profit homes are accountable to a board of directors for oversight and management. Several studies have shown that not for profit nursing homes outperform their for-profit counterpoints in quality; however, some studies do not show a statistical difference. It’s important to note that these studies are generalities about nursing homes; some for profit nursing homes may offer excellent care, while some not-for-profit nursing homes may provide poor care.

Does Your Loved One Need Long Term Medical Help?

Long Term Care vs. Rehabilitation Centers – Some nursing homes primarily care for residents who are custodial care and will spend the rest of their lives in that community. Others, focus greatly on short-term rehabilitation and care for residents who are there following an acute health issue and plan to return their previous residents or a lower level of care. Many homes have a both types of residents in their community. It’s important to match the care your loved one needs with the nursing center that can meet their goals. Secured Dementia Units – Some homes have a secured dementia unit, or a special area for residents with Alzheimers or other dementias. Other nursing homes may have dementia residents intermixed with the general population. Either type may be appropriate based on your loved one’s specific wants and needs.

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