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Hospital Patient Neglect Attorney Philadelphia PA

When a patient gets admitted to a hospital and doesn’t receive the care they should, it warrants contacting a Philadelphia PA hospital patient neglect attorney immediately. If hospital staff does not abide by certain standards of care and risks the wellbeing of the patient, this is considered hospital negligence. A hospital may be liable for any negligence that led to a worsened condition, illness or injury, or fatality of the patient. At the law firm of Wieand Law Firm LLC, we have seen how hospital negligence can result in serious harm to patients. We understand the gravity of the situation and hope that if you do need help, that you don’t hesitate to call.

Filing Your Case

It is important for victims and family members alike to know that there is legal recourse available for those who have suffered due to hospital negligence. Hospitals are often part of a large healthcare corporation. Such companies tend to yield millions of dollars in revenue every year. Keep in mind that healthcare companies are for-profit, despite being seen as a refuge for those injured and ill. Unfortunately, the healthcare system is flawed and sometimes you need an attorney to protect you and advocate for your situation. You can trust that we are not afraid to go up against big healthcare corporations. After a case evaluation, a Philadelphia hospital patient neglect attorney can let you know if filing a case is a wise next step.

Common Lawsuits

Among all the hospital negligence cases that get filed, litigation commonly entails pressure sores and fall injuries. For instance, a hospital staff member may negligently fail to attend to a patient in need. For pressure sores, it is prudent that the patient is properly supported and turned occasionally so that it alleviates harmful pressure on the body. In another example, a staff member may have failed to notice and attend to a wet floor, causing a patient to slip and fall. Additionally, hospitals must be safe and sanitized to reduce the chances of infection and spread of disease. If you aren’t sure if you should file a lawsuit, a member of our team can consult with you and offer further guidance.

Hire a Legal Team

There is nothing to lose by getting a consultation from a legal team, such as those from Wieand Law Firm LLC. We are accustomed to evaluating and investigating cases related to hospital neglect. If you are injured or have a condition, you want to trust that a hospital will take care of you. When they fail to do that, they should be held liable by law. If you are considering hiring a legal team, let us be your first stop. A Philadelphia hospital patient neglect attorney is ready to speak with you and offer support. It’s better to have your questions answered than remain wondering, especially if you are rightfully owed restitution for what you have endured. All you have to do is call and we can take it from there.

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