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Home Health Aide Negligence Attorney Philadelphia PA

Your Philadelphia PA home health aid negligence attorney knows that a home health aid has one job to do, and that is to offer care to a loved one in need. If a home aid ignores or fails to oversee your daily member, this is considered negligence. At Wieand Law Firm LLC, we know that neglect from an aid can be life threatening. Devastatingly, neglecting a vulnerable individual who needs assistance in their home can lead to tragic consequences, such as a serious injury, worsened health, new illness, or fatality. If your loved one has experienced neglect from a home aid, now is the time to speak with a dedicated attorney. We are on your side.

Examples of Lawsuit Injuries

Our attorneys are accustomed to representing victims and their families through difficult times. When a home health aid fails to help someone who requires support, it is worth considering how to hold them responsible. Examples of injuries that may warrant a negligence lawsuit include broken bones, pressure sores, falls, choking, failure to send the person to hospital, and unexplained wrongful death. By far, the most common injury that people file cases against home aids for is fall injuries. Older adults tend to be more likely to fall and seriously hurt themselves, however, this doesn’t excuse what happened. If you aren’t sure if negligence is what led to your loved one’s harm, we can investigate further to find out.

Home Aid Failure to Call 911

When a home health aid is taking care of a senior person in their home, they are the person that serves as their lifeline. An aid has a duty to the elderly person to get them medical care if they need it, call 911 for help, or get them to the nearest hospital. It may be deemed neglect if the resident is showing signs of distress, confusion, or injury. By not getting someone to the hospital right away, a home health aide may be endangering the patient, potentially causing irreversible damage or fatality. If your health aid did not observe and respond to an emergency situation, we suggest contacting a Philadelphia home health aid negligence attorney now for a consultation.

Contact an Attorney

If your loved one suspiciously came down with an injury or illness (or lost their life) because of a negligent home care aid, we strongly recommended contacting us at Wieand Law Firm LLC immediately. A Philadelphia home health aid negligence attorney can meet with you to discuss what happened and then advise further on how to proceed. We empathize with the realization that a home health aid failed in some way, which then led harm to your loved one. The entire ordeal can be an overwhelming experience. After all, you put your trust in someone to care for your cherished relative with certain needs, and if they didn’t do so, it’s understandable you would want to hold them liable. Contact our law firm to speak with a dedicated attorney today.

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