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After placing a senior relative in a care facility, there may come a time when a Philadelphia PA assisted living facility neglect attorney is needed. Nursing home negligence, or the improper care of residents, is startlingly common. A lack of attention in nursing homes can have dire consequences, including fatality. Our team is privy to the warning signs, causes, and legal rights of those who may be victims of nursing home mistreatment. At Wieand Law Firm LLC, we are committed to victims and their families in ensuring a safer place is found and that the offenders of neglect are held accountable. If you are unsure that negligence is occurring, you can have your legal team investigate further. Please contact us today if you need support. It’s better to act swiftly now than to wish you had intervened sooner.

Examples of Neglect

Essentially, nursing home neglect entails poor care of residents that causes them to suffer. There are many ways that neglect may happen, such as leaving a resident with mobility problems in one spouse for a prolonged period, not cleaning the resident every day, not changing bedding or clothes routinely, not calling a doctor when needed, not providing enough water or food, and not treating bed sores or other conditions. As a Philadelphia assisted living facility neglect attorney has seen, nursing home negligence can cause serious harm to a resident’s mental and physical health. Thankfully, there is legal recourse for victims and families to take so that they can find justice in the situation.

Warning Signs to Notice

There are many contributing factors for why nursing home neglect may happen, however, there is ultimately no excuse for it. If you notice that there aren’t enough staff in comparison to how many residents need help, this alone could lead to neglect. Nursing home facilities may have burnt-out workers or a high turnover rate, which means that some residents may not get the full attention they require. When someone has custody of another person and deserts them without consideration for their wellbeing, that is considered abandonment. Medical neglect occurs when providers fail to prevent or adequately treat health problems. If you think something isn’t right about the level of your senior loved one’s care, now is the time to get help.

Have an Attorney Intervene

As a person who is suffering from nursing home neglect, or as a family member who is concerned about a loved one, there is no time like the present to take action. Many people do not speak up or say anything out of worry of worsened treatment or not being believed. But when it comes to mistreatment at a care facility, immediate steps must be taken to ensure the safety and wellness of a resident in jeopardy. If you suspect that neglect could be happening to your cherished relative, call a Philadelphia assisted living facility neglect attorney now. The team at Wieand Law Firm LLC is ready to intervene and come to your aid without hesitation.

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