Pennsylvania Lawyers Investigating Sexual Abuse Claims Against the Archdiocese / Catholic Church

A Pennsylvania Lawyers Investigating Sexual Abuse Claims Against the Archdiocese/Catholic Church Discusses Justice for VictimsPennsylvania Lawyers Investigating Sexual Abuse Claims Against the Archdiocese / Catholic Church

Sexual assault is a crime where the offender forces the victim to engage in sexual interactions without consent. While all states view sexual assault as a crime, the specific categories of charges and consequences can vary. It is not uncommon for victims to not speak up about their abuse for many years. For all of those victims that have come forward, there are likely so many more who continue to suffer in silence. If you or a loved one has been a victim to sexual assault, we highly recommend meeting with one of the experienced Pennsylvania Catholic Church sexual abuse lawyers at Wieand Law Firm urgently.
We understand how painful it can be to talk openly about what happened. Our Archdiocese sexual abuse lawyers in Pennsylvania are here to offer empathetic and knowledgeable legal services. We will do what we can to see that your perpetrator faces the consequences of his or her actions. While we cannot press rewind and stop the terrible actions you endured, we can assist you on your path to justice and healing.
Where Sexual Assault Happens
Sexual assault can happen to anyone and in a variety of scenarios, regardless of your status, gender, sexual preferences, ethnic background or education level. However, there are certain places where sexual assault may be more likely to occur. The most common situations in which sexual assault crimes happen can include:

  1. Health Care Providers: Patients at nursing homes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, and doctor’s offices may suffer from sexual assault, where the offenders may target those with medical or mental health conditions.
  2. Colleges and Schools: All students deserve to be safe from sexual harassment, abuse, and lewd conduct. Students may endure sexual assault while on campus from a teacher, fellow student, or other school worker.
  3. Workplace Incidents: Employees may experience sexual assault from coworkers or bosses and include inappropriate touching, sexually suggestive behavior, undesired advances, quid pro quo demands, or sexual images that cause an unsafe environment.

Our team of sexual abuse lawyers at Wieand Law Firm have been committed to helping those impacted by sexual assault seek the compensation they deserve for the traumatizing mistreatment. We understand that victims may be in anguish and confusion for many years, trying to find ways to cope while remaining silent. A few reasons why a victim may not report an act of sexual assault include:

  • Fear of further mistreatment: Victims may worry that if the incident is reported and nothing happens, that they may suffer even worse abuse from the offender.
  • Minimization as a way to cope: In order to deal with what happened, the victim may trick themselves into viewing the incident as not having been sexual assault.
  • Shame and guilt: While the victim is obviously not to be blamed for the incident, those who were violated sexually may feel immense shame and as if they were at fault for what happened.

At Wieand Law Firm, we can utilize strategic legal methods to fight for your retribution against the offender. No one should have to suffer the agony and dehumanization of sexual assault. Please call our law offices right away to schedule an appointment with one of our Pennsylvania lawyers investigating sexual abuse claims against the Archdiocese/Catholic church.

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