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How Defective Guardrails Can Pose a Serious Risk for Drivers

Pennsylvania Defective Guardrail AttorneysWhen people drive by guardrails, they probably have a general idea that these are placed strategically for the safety of drivers. Unfortunately, guardrails may not always work in the way they were intended to, particularly if a manufacturing company took shortcuts to save money. If the guardrail is not created properly, then what can happen is the rail acts like a spear and can sever right through the entire vehicle. If such an accident happened to you or a loved one, we urge you to contact Pennsylvania defective guardrail attorneys at Wieand Law Firm for assistance. We can help you take legal action against the company for prioritizing money over the lives of drivers.  
How Designs Have Improved
In the past, guardrails have acted more like ramps during a collision, in which the vehicle may be catapulted into oncoming traffic or rollover multiple times. Over the years, the standard design for guardrails have improved, but not every manufacturing company has kept up with the times. Modern designs are much more effective than they ever used to be. Today’s guardrails are created to fold up in an accordion-style upon impact, in addition to:

  • Preventing impalement
  • Preventing the car from being deflected back into the roadway with traffic
  • Slowing the vehicle down to a complete halt in a more controlled manner

If the guardrail involved in your accident did not work as intended, Pennsylvania defective guardrail attorneys at Wieand Law Firm can investigate by comparing the dimensions of that guardrail to current industry standards.
Guardrail Injuries
Victims of defective guardrail accidents may sustain very painful and agonizing injuries, which can lead to permanent disability and financial hardships. If the guardrail had sliced through the vehicle, the driver may have lost an arm or leg. The adjustment after an amputation can be physically and emotionally challenging. Victims may be entitled to financial compensation for past/current medical expenses, costs for prosthetic limbs, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, loss of enjoyment of life, vehicle damages, and much more.
Preparing for a Lawsuit
Pennsylvania defective guardrail attorneys at Wieand Law Firm can get you ready for a lawsuit against the manufacturing company who failed to create a safe and effective guardrail. To increase your chances of a favorable outcome, it is key that you show how the guardrail was subject to a design and/or manufacturing flaw. Then, you must show how the defect caused your damages by providing supportive evidence for injuries. We can go over with you what information to gather that can be most influential to your claims in court.
Defective guardrails can pose a serious risk for drivers on the road. Manufacturing companies who stray from the design to save money, must be held responsible for their blatant disregard for driver safety. Please contact us today for a free consultation with Pennsylvania defective guardrail attorneys at Wieand Law Firm. We don’t back down easily from large manufacturing companies either. So don’t let the company get away with such carelessness, call us right away.

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