Lyft Accident Lawyer New Jersey

Lyft Accident Lawyer New Jersey Lyft Accident Lawyer New Jersey 

Should you find yourself the victim of a Lyft accident, calling a New Jersey lawyer should be one of your first steps. Wieand Law Firm, LLC can help you by reviewing your case and assisting you in determining the proper course of action. Using Lyft is a common way for people to get from destination to destination. Whether you are accessing Lyft after a night out, to and from the airport or for some other purpose, our New Jersey Lyft accident lawyers know that using this mode of transportation can be incredibly convenient. If you were in a Lyft and experienced an accident, it’s important that you proceed with caution. The last thing you want is to make a mistake that could impact your right to compensation. Wieand Law Firm, LLC shares with you common mistakes often made in the wake of accidents involving Lyfts. 

Leaving the Scene of the Accident

If you were a passenger in a Lyft, chances are the last thing you expected was to find yourself the victim of an accident. It’s likely that you have more important things to do. The accident may have even made you late for something. Our New Jersey Lyft accident lawyer knows that you may be tempted to leave the scene but, it’s important that you wait. If you are able, you will want to stay at the scene and wait for police to arrive so that you are able to provide them with a statement. It may also be a good idea to collect as much information as possible. This should include photographs of the accident, the information of both drivers and any witnesses at the scene. Even if the Lyft driver does not take proper action following an accident, it’s important that you do. 

Failing to Seek Medical Attention

In some cases, it may be obvious that you are in need of medical attention. Our Lyft accident lawyers serving New Jersey share that many accident victims may actually fail to seek medical attention because they believe they have not been harmed. There are a number of reasons that this may present a problem for an accident victim. For example, following the accident, you may initially believe that you were unharmed only to find yourself in tremendous pain days later. Not seeking proper medical care can not only be detrimental in the event you have suffered extensive internal injuries, it can also make it difficult to tie your injuries to the accident. Seeking medical treatment ensures that you obtain the proper care for your injuries and helps to prove that the injuries were in fact, the result of the Lyft accident. 

Not Contacting a New Jersey Lyft Accident Lawyer

While it may be tempting to avoid taking legal action or pursue the legal process on your own, this can have a damaging long term effect. Choosing not to pursue an accident case can be problematic, especially if you are left with costly medical bills and lost wages from missed time away from work as a result of the accident. Some may decide managing their claim without a Lyft accident lawyer serving New Jersey is a cost effective way of saving money that may be awarded in a settlement. Facing the process without a lawyer can be damaging to your case. Not only are Lyft accidents complicated, facing insurance companies and lawyers on your own can put you in a situation that results in your claim being grossly undervalued or worse, denied altogether. Facing the process head on with experienced New Jersey Lyft accident lawyers at Wieand Law Firm, LLC can help you provide yourself with the opportunity at a resolution in your favor. 

Unfortunately, even Lyft drivers can get into accidents. The aftermath of a car accident can result in damages that can be incredibly impactful for a victim. As a passenger who was in a Lyft accident, contact our New Jersey Lyft accident lawyer at Wieand Law Firm, LLC today. 

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