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Heart-rending swimming pool drowning accidents are frequently caused by negligence. In some instances, the property owner fails to maintain the pool in a reasonably safe condition. Other times, lifeguards, pool staff, chaperones, or other swimmers who are responsible. If you find yourself in a difficult situation where you or a family member was seriously injured or drowned in a swimming pool, you should contact an experienced drowning accident lawyer to discuss your legal rights.

Experienced Pool Accident Attorney in Philadelphia

Swimming pool accident lawyer Brent Wieand is committed to helping families who have suffered heartbreaking drowning accidents. Don’t trust your drowning case to just any lawyer. Use an experienced trial lawyer who knows how to get results. If you suspect that a pool drowning or pool injury was more than just an accident, call attorney Wieand for a free legal consultation at (215) 666-7777.
Upon representation, Attorney Wieand will handle all aspects of your pool accident case. He will do a detailed accident investigation, retain top of the line expert witnesses, such as pool safety experts and medical doctors, and handle settlement negotiation and litigation.
Case Highlight In a recent case, attorney Wieand represented the father of a child who drowned in a Pennsylvania hotel swimming pool. Liability was hotly contested the the hotel defended the lawsuit alleging that the child was a trespasser and that the hotel was not negligent. The case resulted in a $345,000 settlement.

Causes of Pool Accidents, Drownings and Injuries

Some negligent acts that are known to cause or contribute to swimming pool drowning incidents include:

  • negligent maintenance of the pool area
  • broken pool drains or pumps
  • inadequate supervision of children at the pool
  • failure to employ a lifeguard
  • negligent supervision by a lifeguard
  • horseplay in or around the pool
  • failure to supervise inexperienced swimmers
  • failing to adequately secure a pool area from small children
  • use of drugs and alcohol a the pool
  • failure to have proper pool safety equipment
  • failure to have or maintain life saving equipment
  • failure to post emergency numbers
  • failure to have staff who are certified in CPR
  • defective pool equipment

Sadly, many drowning accidents involve young children. Not only is the loss of a child unimaginably devastating, but families can incur enormous medical bills as a result of emergency treatment or the long term care of children suffer from permanent asphyxiation injuries due to a near drowning accident.
After a pool accident or drowning occurs, an experienced pool accident attorney can file a lawsuit against the negligent party and hold them accountable. A civil case can help bring closure and compensate family members for their loss.

What Type of Drowning Cases do you Handle?

Swimming pool drowning accidents usually occur when people break safety rules or act carelessly around the water. Attorney Wieand represents clients who are injured, and families of people who have drowned because of the negligence of another person, business or property owner, including:

  • Apartment, hotel and public swimming pool drowning accidents
  • Accidents at lake resorts
  • Boating Accidents
  • Child Drowning Accidents
  • Defective pool design
  • Drowning accidents caused by failure to properly secure a pool or due to a defective gate or gate latch
  • Swimming electrocutions
  • Inadequate supervision or poorly trained pool staff
  • Negligent life guards
  • Summer camp drowning accidents
  • Spa and hot tub accidents
  • Defective swimming pool drain or defective pool pump accidents
  • Water park drowning accidents

Pool Safety can Save a Life

The nightmare of a drowning accidents can often be prevented if pool owners keep their property a safe condition and swimmers follow pool safety rules.
In Pennsylvania, for the safety of young children, pools must be fenced in by a security fence that is at least 4 feet with a self latching gate that swings away from the pool area. The pool area should be maintained in a safe condition, free of tripping hazards and defective pool parts.
When using the pool parents and chaperones should:

  • Always supervise young children and inexperienced swimmers when they are in or near a pool
  • Know how to swim and teach children how to swim and pool safety rules
  • Not allow horseplay or rough pool play
  • Keep children away from pool drains, pipes and other openings to avoid entrapment
  • Be certified in CPR and update these skills regularly
  • Make sure appropriate pool safety equipment is readily available, such as a nearby phone, first aid kit, scissors and a flotation device.

Following safety precautions will help ensure that everyone enjoys the pool and has a safe and fun time.
Brent Wieand is a personal injury lawyer located in Philadelphia. He serves clients throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He is currently evaluating potential drowning and swimming accident lawsuits. Attorney Wieand offers a free initial legal consultation. In addition, he works on a contingency fee basis so you won’t owe a fee unless he collects money for you from an award or settlement.
*Disclosure: This article is not legal advice. You should ALWAYS consult with an attorney if you or a loved one was the victim of a pool accident resulting injury injury or wrongful death.

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