Northwest Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Northwest Philadelphia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Dozens of nursing homes and elder care facilities are scattered throughout Northwest Philadelphia. Unfortunately, not all of these facilities provide the same quality of care.  If you are worried that your parent, spouse, or elderly relative is being mistreated or neglected at his or her nursing home, it’s extremely important that you take action right away.  You could be saving your loved one from serious harm or even death, and your family may be eligible for financial compensation for your suffering and losses.

If you need an experienced attorney to help a family member or relative who has suffered physical injury or mental harm caused by substandard nursing home care, The Nursing Home Injury Help Center can assist.  Northwest Philadelphia nursing home abuse lawyer Brent Wieand has a history of successfully representing victims of nursing home neglect and abuse, and offers free, no-obligation initial consultations for new clients. He represents seniors and their families throughout the greater Northwest Philadelphia area, including East Falls, Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Manayunk, Mt. Airy, and Roxborough.

Call Brent today at (215) 666-7777 for a free consultation about your legal rights.  Your loved one’s health and safety may depend on it.
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Philadelphia Has an Epidemic of Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should be places where elderly persons in need of care can go to seek comfort and safety. Unfortunately, many nursing homes in Philadelphia are owned and operated by companies or individuals who are motivated by profits rather than the needs of their residents.  Frequently, these facilities are staffed by individuals who lack proper training and may not have the interests of your loved one in mind as their number one priority.

By far, the most common complaints The Nursing Home Injury Help Center receives about nursing homes concern the staff members.  Sometimes caregivers are not properly trained and are not responsive to a family member’s needs, while in other instances, the facility simply does not employ enough staff members to care for and supervise all of the residents. Furthermore, because under-staffing leads to existing staff being overworked and overwhelmed, they may be likely to lash out at their residents in frustration.

However, federal law requires nursing homes to provide all reasonable services that a resident needs to reach and enjoy the  possible quality of mental, social, and physical life up to the standards of a written plan of care.  When a facility’s nursing staff is improperly trained or too few in number to function as intended, they simply cannot provide proper care to residents.  These sorts of drastic failures to meet basic federal regulations must be addressed and investigated.

What Should You Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Negligence or Abuse?

Don’t hold your tongue if you believe that a loved one is being neglected or abused.  Address your concerns with the staff immediately and openly. You may be able to resolve the problem by speaking with the caregivers responsible for your relative.  If not, you should ask to speak with the Director of Nursing, a social worker, or the nursing home administrator.

If these measures fail and you cannot resolve the issue informally, the next step is to file a formal grievance against the facility.  All nursing home and assisted living facilities must have a grievance procedure for filing complaints.  You should follow the facility’s grievance procedure to submit a complaint, ideally with assistance from an attorney who can advise you of your legal rights and any precautions you should be aware of.
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Nursing Homes in Northwest Philadelphia

The below listed nursing homes are located in Northwest Philadelphia.  All these facilities participate in the Medicaid/Medicare program and must comply with the standards set forth in the Federal Nursing Home Reform Act (FNHRA).

Angela Jane Pavilion
8410 Roosevelt Blvd.
Philadelphia, PA 19152
(215) 708-1200

Cliveden Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
6400 Greene St.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 844-6400

Caring Heart Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
6445 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 438-5268

Fairview Care Center of Bethlehem Pike
184 Bethlehem Pike
Philadelphia, PA 19118
(215) 247-5311

Ivy Hill Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
1401 Ivy Hill Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19150
(215) 233-5605

Germantown Home
6950 Germantown Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19119
(215) 848-3306

Golden Living Center – Stenton
7310 Stenton Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19150
(215) 242-2727

To see how these nursing homes compare, use the federal government’s Medicare Compare tool. Medicare Compare’s rating system analyzes and compares many different factors, such as staffing ratios, licensing survey results, and quality trends. Its five-star rating system is easy to navigate and can be a good indicator of the overall quality of the nursing home.

If you are worried that your elderly loved one may be the victim of abuse or negligent care, your family deserves to have the matter investigated by a lawyer with experience handling wrongful death and personal injury claims.  To set up a completely free and confidential case evaluation, call nursing home abuse attorney Brent Wieand right away at (215) 666-7777.  Let’s start exploring your family’s legal options together.

Disclosure: Attorney Brent Wieand’s office is located in Philadelphia, PA.  We happily serve clients throughout all of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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