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44In 1979, the NJ Legislature passed the Public Transportation Act which formed the NJ TRANSIT system. NJ Transit is responsible for managing bus, train and light rail lines, as well as the many transit stations scattered throughout New Jersey. As part of this responsibility, NJ Transit system has a duty to ensure the safety of its passengers, workers, motorists and pedestrians. Unfortunately, preventable accidents are common.

Personal Injury Law Firm Serving New Jersey Train and Bus Accident Victims

The Wieand Law Firm is lead by Brent Wieand, a personal injury attorney, who has dedicated his practice to advocating for the rights and fair treatment of injury victims. He is an experienced trial lawyer with a reputation for fighting the tough cases and achieving successful results as efficiently as possible. If you were injured or your loved one killed in a NJ Transit bus accident or train accident, the Wieand Law Firm will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation you may be entitled to under the law.

Injured on New Jersey Transit? Your Time to Act is Limited.

There are strict notice requirements that must be met when filing a claim against NJ Transit or the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PATH). You cannot file a lawsuit against NJ Transit or PATH unless proper the entity is given pre-suit notification of the claim in writing. See N.J.S.A. 59:8-3. In general, a notice of claim must be submitted to the appropriate entity within 90 days of the accident that caused your injuries. N.J.S.A. 59:8-8. However, if a minor is hurt in a New Jersey Transit accident he/she is given 90 days from their 18th birthday to give notice of a claim.
Missing this important deadline can permanently bar you from recovering the damages to which you are entitled. However, in some very limited situations, a person may file a late notice of claim beyond the ninety-day period. See N.J.S.A. 59:8-9. A person can only accomplish a late pre-suit notification by order of the Court. To succeed on such motion, a plaintiff must show that the late filing was the result of “extraordinary circumstances” and that the defendant “has not been substantially prejudiced” by the delay. However, under no circumstances may the court grant the motion more than one year after the date of accident.
Additionally, even if there is good cause for late notice, you should not wait until the end of the one year period to serve a late notice of a claim. Instead, leave must be sought within a reasonable time following the conditions that created the delay. 
To avoid forfeiting your rights, you should always contact an experienced New Jersey personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after suffering an injury on New Jersey Transit. Upon representation, the Wieand Law Firm will  promptly satisfy New Jersey’s notice requirements and promptly and begin investigating your case. For a free legal consultation, call us at 1(800) 481-5206.

Public Transportation Injury Lawsuits

The Wieand Law Firm is skilled at handling complex transportation tort claims, including those involving:

  • NJ TRANSIT Trains — train accidents are often the result of negligence on behalf of the railroad, engineer or other motorists.
  • NJ TRANSIT Buses — bus accidents may involve collisions with other vehicles, bikers or pedestrians or erratic driving.
  • NJ TRANSIT Light rail — light rail trains are smaller than many other trains; however, the weight is still massive in comparison to other vehicles on the road. Light rail can cause serious and often fatal injuries due to their massive size and weight.
  • Injuries suffered on Public Transportation Platforms and Stations — people can be injured on dangerous and defective train platforms, such as uneven concrete or other defective conditions of the property.
  • Vehicle vs. Train Accidents & Pedestrian vs. Train Accidents — motorists and pedestrians hit by trains rarely survive the impact and typically suffer catastrophic injuries if they survive.

If you suffered a serious injury, or if a loved one was killed by a NJ TRANSIT vehicle, consult with NJ TRANSIT accident attorney at 1 (215) 666-7777 for a free legal consultation. The Wieand Law Firm works on a contingency fee basis – this means that you will never owe costs or attorneys fees unless he recovers money for you through an award or settlement.
*Disclaimer: The Wieand Law Firm office is located in Philadelphia, PA. We serve clients throughout New Jersey, including the areas of Camden County, Burlington County and Gloucester County. This website is for informational purposes does not constitute legal advice. 

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