Adams County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Adams County Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

As America’s population grows older and lives longer, it is no surprise that the elderly are more and more frequently residing in nursing homes.  However, what comes as a shock to many is the poor quality of care which is provided to their loved ones.  In today’s world, many care facilities have become more focused on preserving their bottom line then providing quality care.  When companies put profits over the resident’s well being, seniors don’t receive the care that they need. If your loved one is suffering or was injured or killed due to similar circumstances, you’ve come to the right place. Nursing home abuse attorney Brent Wieand can help your family uncover the truth and fight for compensation for your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Investigating Malpractice Claims in Gettysburg

Brent Wieand is dedicated to serving victims of abuse, neglect, and malpractice in Gettysburg and throughout Adams County, Pennsylvania.  He knows how important your claim is to you and prides himself on giving thoughtful advice and individualized attention to each client. If your elderly loved one has been seriously injured or was killed by neglectful staff or poor quality care, call Brent Wieand for a free consultation at (215) 666-7777 or fill out our online contact form to get started.  Your information will always be kept confidential. attorney sitting at table with legal documents

Nursing Home Abuse and Accidental Falls

The most common claims involve residents falling.  Elderly residents are more prone to falls due to balance issues, cognitive deficits, and muscle weakness that comes with aging.  Due to reduced bone density, falls often result in debilitating injuries like hip fractures or shattered wrists and ankles. Statistics show that approximately 50% of elderly residents fall each year. Preventable falls can occur under a variety of circumstances, including:

  • Slip and Fall Accidents — Slip and fall accidents usually occur in poorly maintained facilities where floors are dirty or slippery, mats are not put out in bad weather, or something has spilled.  These conditions are especially dangerous to senior citizens, who frequently suffer from poor eyesight and balance.
  • Falling from a Bed — Residents who have problems with sleeping, incontinence, cognitive impairments, chronic pain, or who get out of bed and walk unsafely without assistance, must all be carefully assessed for the ways to prevent falls from their beds.
  • Falling from a Chair — Falls from chairs may occur if a facility uses chairs that are unstable or cannot support the weight of a person leaning on its arm or back.  Swivel chairs and chairs without armrests are often to blame in these cases.  Chairs which do have armrests should be sturdy enough for residents to use them while standing up or transferring to a wheelchair.
  • Unsupervised Resident Transfers — Moving from one place to another can present a major risk for seniors who are at a high risk of falling.  Therefore, residents must be taught safe techniques to transfer from their bed, chair, toilet, and wheelchair.  If a resident is a known fall risk, staff members should always be available to help transfer the resident to and from the bathroom, as well as throughout the facility.
  • Trip and Fall Accidents — Residents may trip and fall due to physical limitations, items being left on the floor, loose mats, carpets, or wires, or failure to install appropriate fall protection devices.

While some accidents are simply unavoidable, in many cases facilities and staff members can be held liable for fall-related injuries if they failed to take proper precautions to protect the resident.  In some cases, staff members even deliberately allow residents to fall as a form of elder abuse. slip and fall accident hallway slippery when wet warning

Bedsores and Pressure Ulcers: Signs of Caregiver Neglect

In addition to falls, bedsores or “pressure ulcers” are another common nursing home injury. Bedsores are painful wounds to a person’s skin and underlying tissue.  The most common cause of bedsores is failure of nursing staff to regularly change the position of a bed-bound resident. When a resident is left to sit or lay in one position, certain areas of the skin and tissue do not receive adequate blood flow and become damaged, resulting in a bedsore.  Bedsores can also form due to pressure from shoes or diapers that wear away at the tissue. Regardless of how a bedsore forms, if it is not treated properly it may lead to a serious injury requiring surgery, such as the amputation of a limb.  The victim may even go into septic shock, a lethal drop in blood pressure that can kill in a matter of days. Remember, bedsores can normally be avoided when proper care is given. If your parent or loved one developed pressure ulcers, the cause and quality of medical care provided to your loved one should be investigated right away.

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