Hospital Negligence Lawyer Philadelphia PA

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia, PA

Hospital Negligence Lawyer Philadelphia PA

Nobody wishes to have to hire a hospital negligence lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in the wake of surgery or the birth of their child. After all, doctors are supposed to be capable of medical professionals who can be counted on to improve our health or safely deliver our children into the world, right? Well, this is usually the case but the sad fact of the matter is that doctors are people and as such, they can make mistakes while on the job.
Unfortunately, when doctors make mistakes it can have devastating consequences for their patients. When this happens it is referred to medical malpractice and is more common than many people realize. The result can be catastrophic for the patient and their family, especially if there is a fatality. Wieand Law Firm recognizes the horrific nature of losing a loved one or suffering a traumatic injury in a preventable accident. A hospital negligence lawyer in hospital negligence lawyer Philadelphia PA from our firm can help your family get justice by filing a claim against the negligent doctor or hospital. Call us today to learn more during a free and confidential consultation.
If you are anticipating having to undergo a procedure or give birth to a child, there are some circumstances under which medical malpractice is more typical than others. Understanding some of the dangers might help you to understand the risks involved, and to identify areas of concern that you may wish to discuss with your doctor beforehand. If you are an unfortunate victim of possible medical malpractice, contact a Philadelphia PA hospital negligence lawyer without delay.
Injuries During Childbirth
One may be surprised that childbirth injuries are common. Some instances of medical malpractice are far more serious than the majority of injuries that occur. Not every accident that results in harm to the patient is categorized as medical malpractice, however. The experienced and objective perspective of our medical malpractice lawyer Philadelphia PA families trust can provide you the invaluable guidance needed for making informed decisions. We do not charge for the initial consultation so we encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your case prior to pursuing a claim or lawsuit.
Common Childbirth Injuries Due to Medical Malpractice
Though not all childbirth injuries can be blamed on acts of negligence by medical professionals, there are some types of medical malpractice injuries that are more prevalent than others. This is where the insight of a skilled hospital negligence lawyer in Philadelphia PA can be beneficial to determine if you have a strong case. Medical malpractice injuries that can affect infants during childbirth include:

  •         Brain injuries such as seizure disorders or cerebral palsy
  •         Damage to the nerves that control the hands and arms, resulting in Klumpke’s and Erb’s palsy
  •         Fractured bones

Before choosing any medical professional, it’s important to check their background for previous charges of medical malpractice and any other issues that could put you and your child at risk for harm. If you or your infant were the victims of injuries due to possible medical malpractice, contact a hospital negligence lawyer Philadelphia PA clients recommend from Wieand Law Firm immediately to request a free consultation.

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