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Doctor Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia Doctor Malpractice Lawyer Philadelphia

If your doctor makes a mistake while you are under their care, you may need to contact a Philadelphia doctor malpractice lawyer from Wieand Law Firm, LLC. No one wants to think about their healthcare providers making mistakes, but unfortunately, it is a real possibility. Fortunately, medical mistakes aren’t as common as most people think, but they do occur. Not every mistake rises to the legal definition of medical malpractice, but many do. If you’ve been injured after a medical mistake, you may want to discuss your situation with a doctor malpractice lawyer Philadelphia offers who can assess your situation based on the laws of your state and the elements of your claim. Here are five types of medical mistakes that can lead to harm.

Errors in Diagnosis
When your doctor doesn’t diagnose your condition correctly or in a timely manner, it can delay treatment that causes serious harm. To prove medical malpractice, you have to demonstrate that another competent doctor wouldn’t have made the same error. Your Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer can help you with this.

Childbirth Injuries
Giving birth should be a joyous occasion, but injuries can occur to mom or the baby. Although sometimes the damage isn’t due to medical malpractice, it should be investigated to determine if the physician was negligent. Medical errors and issues do occur when the obstetrician didn’t diagnose the mother properly or didn’t respond to signs of fetal distress. Your doctor malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania can go over the details of your birth.

Medication Errors
Errors involving medication occur when the physician prescribes the medication, such as writing the incorrect dosage or the wrong medication. It’s possible that the nurse administered the wrong amount. Medication errors also occur when equipment malfunctions. The IV pump isn’t working correctly, or the battery died on the defibrillator.

Surgery Errors
Mistakes occur in the operating room and can be quite devastating. The surgeon might operate on the wrong body part or leave an instrument in the body. Post-op care may not be up to par, causing a serious infection in your body. There are many things that could go wrong in surgery that could cause injuries that affect you. Surgery mistakes can be quite serious, so you should contact your Philadelphia doctor malpractice lawyer as soon as possible when you believe an error has occurred. 

Anesthesia Errors
The anesthesiologist is another medical provider who is subject to errors. Errors that could occur include, giving too much anesthesia, failing to monitor your vital signs, or improperly inserting the tube into the trachea.

Was It Negligence or Not?
Medical malpractice involves many legal elements. You may need medical and legal experts to demonstrate that the situation rose to negligence. Laws vary by state. Typically, you have to file a medical malpractice lawsuit within a certain timeframe, from two to six years. However, there are also many stipulations on that statute of limitations. 

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