Deaths Reported from Mobility Transfer Systems Bed Rails

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is warning customers to stop using Mobility Transfer Systems adult portable bed rails due to danger of entrapment and asphyxia, according to a Philadelphia product liability lawyer. This warning applies to 10 models of bed rails manufactured and sold by Mobility Transfer Systems from 1992 to 2021, and by Metal Tubing USA Inc in 2021 and 2022. While neither company has agreed to a recall, a Philadelphia product liability lawyer is investigating claims of individuals who have been injured by these mobility devices.

Why did the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issue a Warning to Stop Using these Transfer Systems?

The CPSC is issuing this warning because these bed rails can create an entrapment hazard and pose a risk of serious injury or death. CPSC determined that users can become entrapped between the bed rail and mattress or become caught inside the bedrail itself. These entrapments can lead to asphyxia, which is a condition that arises when the body is deprived of oxygen. Asphyxia can cause unconsciousness or suffocation death. CPSC has reported deaths of 3 consumers from asphyxia from use of one of these product models.

Where were Mobility Transfer Systems Sold?

According to a Philadelphia product liability lawyer, these systems were sold at, Amazon,com, MTS,, and other online retailers. They typically sold for between $30 – $70.

What Mobility Transfer Products doe CPSC Recommended to Stop Using?

CPSC recommends that users stop use and discard the following bed rails.

  • Freedom Grip (model 501)
  • Freedom Grip Plus (model 502)
  • Freedom Grip Travel (model 505)
  • Reversible Slant Rail (model 600)
  • Transfer Handle (model 2025)
  • Easy Adjustable (model 2500)
  • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail, single-sided (model 5075)
  • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail – Extra Tall, single-sided (model 5075T)
  • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail, double-sided (model 5085)
  • 30-Inch Security Bed Rail – Extra Tall, double-sided (model 5085T)


What Should I Do If I Have Been injured by One of These Products?

If you have suffered an injury from using one of these products, report your incident to

Additionally, users who have suffered serious injury or death from using one of these products should seek counsel from a Philadelphia product liability lawyer. The lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm LLC are exploring cases of product liability that are related to use of these products.

 What Happens When Defective Products Cause Injury?

In Pennsylvania, the manufacturers of defective product have strict liability when their products injure consumers. The consumer does not need to prove that the manufacturer was negligent or careless; they simply need to demonstrate that the product was defective and caused an injury. The purpose of the strict liability rule was to encourage manufacturers to provide safe products to consumers and to provide compensation for consumers who are injured by defective products.

The manufacturer of a defective products faces strict liability if:

  • The product was defective
  • The defect existed at the point of sale
  • The defect caused harm to the user of the product

What Types of Defects Occur in Products Liability?

A Philadelphia products liability lawyer accounts for three types of defects in product liability cases.

Manufacturing defects – these defects exist due to a flaw in product construction. For example, a car tire that experiences a tire blow-out due to bad rubber may be a manufacturing defect.

Design defects – A design defect occurs when a product lacks proper safety features or includes unsafe features that could be resolved by a design change. For example, a car that has its gas tank in the improper location that created an explosion hazard may be a design defect.

Lack of Warnings or Instructions for Use – A product can be defective if it does not have adequate instructions for use or warnings. For example, a cleaner that does not have instructions to keep product away from eyes due to risk of injury may have product liability.

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