Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accidents Lead to Increased Hand Injuries

According to an article written by Julia Mayberry, M.D., there has been an uptick in slip and fall injuries in Philadelphia because of the icy winter weather.  More specifically, the Main Line Hand Center has seen an increase in the number of FOOSH or “Fall On Outstretched Hand” injuries. FOOSH injuries commonly include a fracture of the distal radius, […]

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Trip and Fall Accident Claims Against the City of Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia is frequently sued by victims of slip and fall accidents who fell because of a defective sidewalk, street or condition of public property. The City of Philadelphia has governmental immunity; however, the PA legislature has created an exception for damages caused by a dangerous condition of city owned “real property.”  Under […]

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Slip / Trip and Fall Claims – What you Need to Know

Frequently, trip and fall accident occurs when something suddenly and unexpectedly violates a person’s expectations.  They expect continuity in environments and, if not warned otherwise, expect the places they go to be in good repair. When someone unexpectedly encounters a hazardous condition on the property such as a wet floor, raised slab of sidewalk, icy […]

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