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42 Passengers Injured in West Philadelphia SEPTA Train Accident

Posted August 22, 2017 | Septa

The Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority, better known as SEPTA, carries over 300 million passengers each year. Most SEPTA trips end safely, but serious accidents occasionally occur. One such accident took place this morning, August 22, 2017, when a SEPTA Norristown High Speed Line train crashed into an empty train stopped at the 69th Street Transportation Center… read more

Is the Driver Liable When a Bicyclist Gets Hit by a SEPTA Bus in Philadelphia?

Posted October 2, 2016 | Septa

When a SEPTA bus hits a bicyclist in Center City, University City, South Philly, or any other neighborhood of Philadelphia, the driver may be liable for resulting injuries or fatalities depending on how and why the collision occurred.  If a SEPTA bus hit one of your family members while they were riding their bike in… read more

I Was Hit by a SEPTA Bus While Riding My Bike in Philadelphia

Posted September 19, 2016 | Septa

Most Philadelphians know the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority as SEPTA.  SEPTA buses make thousands of journeys every day, and unfortunately, sometimes strike bicyclists.  In many cases, collisions with cyclists occur because the bus driver was intoxicated, fatigued, or downright careless in their operation of the vehicle.

When is SEPTA at Fault in an Accident?

Posted July 27, 2015 | Septa,Vehicle Accidents

Over half a million people in Pennsylvania depend on the SEPTA transit system as a regular part of daily life. With the many transportation options including buses, trolley lines, regional rail, CCT Connect and even a Casino Service, SEPTA can get you almost anywhere you need to go. Usually, passengers are safely transported to their final destination safely and… read more

How Often are People Hurt in SEPTA Accident?

Posted July 15, 2015 | Septa,Vehicle Accidents

Each day, thousands of people in Southeastern Pennsylvania depend on SEPTA for transportation. It is an inexpensive and convenient way for getting around Philadelphia. The vast majority of the time, passengers make it to their destination safely and without incident. However, sometimes serious and life changing accidents do happen. If you are injured or a loved… read more

1 Dead, 2 Injured in Fatal Car Accident in Philadelphia

Posted June 28, 2015 | Car,Personal Injury,Septa,Truck,Vehicle Accidents

According to 6ABC Action News, an SUV slammed into a utilitiy pole in Southwest Philadelphia early sunday morning killing one person and injuring two others. The car crash occured around 2:45 a.m. near the intersection of Island Avenue and Lindberg Boulevard. A silver Chevy Equinox knocked over a utility pole and was found with major front end damage… read more

Driver Critically Injured following SEPTA Train Accident

Posted June 21, 2015 | Personal Injury,Septa,Vehicle Accidents

According to a recent ABC 6 news report, a SEPTA train smashed into a car in Delaware County, PA on Sunday, June 21. The SEPTA train accident occurred around 2:40 pm at the 100 block o East Brookhaven Road. The train struck a car which was operated by a 90-year old man. The 90 year old driver had… read more