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Nursing Home Neglect LawyerElderly residents who suffer a subdural hematoma, also known as a brain bleed, may need the services of a nursing home abuse lawyer. A brain bleed is often caused by a fall or other types of head trauma. A brain bleed is a serious injury and often requires emergency treatment. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help families seek compensation when their loved one suffers a brain bleed from abuse or neglect.

Types of Brain Bleeds

There are three types of brain bleeds: acute, subacute, and chronic.

Acute – acute brain bleeds have a rapid onset following a head trauma. They are characterized by confusion, slurred speech, and sleepiness. This type of brain bleed typically requires emergency intervention to evacuate the blood from the brain.

Subacute – Symptoms of a subacute brain bleed include a gradual onset of confusion and difficulty choosing words. While speech may be slurred, it is not typically as rapid as an acute brain bleed. These bleeds are often caused by head trauma, such as a fall. Surgery is one treatment option, but stable bleeds may not require surgical intervention.

Chronic – these brain bleeds are characterized by a very slow onset of confusion and cognitive decline.  A chronic bleed may be due to a traumatic accident but can also be from natural degenerative processes of the brain. Surgery is sometimes considered, but often no intervention is needed.

Brain bleeds from traumatic accidents may need the services of a nursing home abuse lawyer.

What are Some Causes of Brain Bleeds in Nursing Homes?

Nursing home residents often have cognitive and physical deficits that can make standing, transferring, and walking difficult. Many residents need help to move from one surface to another. Understaffing in many community results in residents not receiving necessary care, which can result in a fall that causes a brain bleed.

A brain bleed can also occur due to an accident with a mechanical lift. Sometimes staff use the wrong type of mechanical lift or use the lift incorrectly. This can result in the resident falling out of the equipment and suffering a brain bleed.

Lastly, a brain bleed can occur if the resident is physically beaten at the nursing home by the staff or another resident. Physical abuse of any type is strictly prohibited by federal regulations and should not be tolerated.

If your loved one’s brain bleed occurred for any of the above reasons, contact a nursing home abuse lawyer to discuss if you can file a claim.

How Can a Fall Cause a Brain Bleed?

The brain is encased in fluid within the skull. When a resident falls or is dropped, the head can strike a surface. This causes the brain to collide with the inside of the skull. This collision can cause a blood vessel to tear and leak out into the subdural space in the skull.

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