What’s the Difference Between a Car Accident and Tractor Trailer Accident?

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All vehicle accidents aren’t created equal. Trucking accidents, which involve commercial vehicles like 18-wheelers or large trucks, are much different than automobile accidents. At first glance, you might think that it’s all about size. These larger trucks just cause more damage to smaller cars. But the real difference is more about the aftermath in pursuing a claim.

Settling Disputes Over Cause

Automobile accidents are usually due to human error. It’s much easier to determine the cause of an automobile accident and to decide which driver was at fault. In a trucking accident, the driver might be at fault, but that doesn’t mean they are completely liable. There many other factors in determining fault.

Equipment failure might a reason the accident happens. If brakes malfunction due to the manufacturer not producing a quality product, the manufacturer could be held partially liable. The trucking company could be implicated if maintenance wasn’t properly done.

Sometimes, the shipper and loader are liable for an accident. If a load wasn’t properly installed in the trailer and it caused damage, you could sue the distributor. Because cause is much more complicated, companies often fight amongst themselves over who will be held liable. This could hold up your claim and make it more difficult to reach a settlement.

Injuries Can Be Much More Devastating

Truck accidents are often more serious than car accident claims. Some states place limitations on the compensation a victim can receive. Although truck drivers are required to carry higher insurance liability limits, it might be difficult to get that money.

Added Liability Due to Trucking Regulations

Commercial truck drivers often face higher consequences if the accident is determined to be their fault. If they don’t have the proper training and licenses to handle the load, truck drivers will be in more trouble. The trucking company could also be liable for negligence. There are many more factors in determining the reason behind the accident and what it means to the people involved. The insurance company may not want to admit liability and agree to a settlement. Just paying higher premiums keeps the driver and company from wanting to settle a claim.

Do You Need to Involve an Attorney?

Truck accidents are much more complex than auto accidents. You may need experts who can investigate different aspects to help you determine liability. Your truck accident lawyer represents your interests and has the knowledge and experience to present your case. Contact a Philadelphia truck accident lawyer from Wieand Law Firm, LLC today to discuss your accident.

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