What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

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Each year many bicycle accident victims suffer from serious injuries. There aren’t many layers of protection for cyclists, unlike drivers in cars or trucks. When a vehicle strikes a bicycle, there is a high chance that the cyclist will get thrown off and hit the pavement. One driver’s moment of negligence or distraction can cause a horrific accident, changing someone’s life. 

Like a car accident, there are similar steps you should take to make sure your rights are protected and the incident is properly reported, as a Philadelphia, PA personal injury lawyer like one from Wieand Law Firm, LLC would explain. If you are struck by a vehicle while riding a bicycle, follow these important tips right after the accident:

Report the accident
You should report any accident to the police department if someone has been injured. An official police report is critical evidence in a bicycle accident case. If the police do not arrive because they are handling higher priority calls, then you may have to file an accident report on your own. 

Get medical treatment
If you have been injured after a bicycle accident, you should seek medical treatment. Even if you feel ok or strong enough to get home from the accident scene, you should still go to the hospital. The rush of adrenaline and shock you may be feeling might mask the severity of some of your injuries. 

The doctor’s medical report is strong evidence for your case, so it helps to get the official statements of those who treated you. Another reason to get a medical evaluation is so that insurance companies do not use that information against you and argue that you weren’t hurt.

Obtain contact and insurance information
Exchange your insurance and contact with the at-fault driver. This info should include your name, address, phone number. Failing to report your information can result in fines. Inform the police if the driver who hit you refuses to share their necessary information. 

Take detailed photos
Take many photos of the bicycle accident scene, including nearby debris, skid marks, and other damage. If you are unable to take photos, have a person nearby take them for you. 

Contact an Attorney for Legal Assistance
As a bicycle accident victim, you have the right to file a claim for the injury you sustained because of a driver who failed to follow the law. Contact a trusted attorney who can assist you with your claim now. 

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