Preparing Your Medical Malpractice Claim

As you can expect, with the intricate nature of a medical malpractice claim, plaintiffs must be careful to complete each requirement. These types of claims require precision, skill, and a great deal of knowledge. If you do not have each requirement completed at the time they are required, your case may get thrown out in court. To avoid issues, hire a top medical malpractice lawyer who can advise you throughout the process. If you choose to retain our firm and work with a tenacious medical malpractice lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, we may prepare your claim by:

  • Analyzing the information provided by you
  • Gather evidence such as medical records and expert witness opinions
  • Determine your total losses, including your future prospective losses
  • Naming the party responsible for the negligence
  • Finalizing the claim preparation and initiating negotiations
  • Help you to understand the process, your rights, and any concerns you might have
  • Come to a settlement agreement that is fair and just

Bear in mind that some states have put capped amounts on medical malpractice claims. Other states have not allowed a plaintiff to collect general damages, such as loss of consortium or mental anguish. You can ask a lawyer for more details regarding this limitation and how it may affect your case. If your state has similar legislation in place, a Philadelphia, PA medical malpractice lawyer may discuss other legal options to ensure you get maximum compensation that covers all of your losses now and in the future.

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