Police Brutality in the Thomas Siderio Incident

police brutality lawyerThe death of Thomas Siderio is the most recent example of police brutality, demonstrating a reason for individuals to seek the services of a police brutality lawyer. On March 9th, The Philadelphia Police Commissioner Danelle Outlaw announced that the officer who shot a 12-year-old boy in South Philadelphia last week would be terminated from the police force. In her statement, she stated that the officer would be fired for violating the police department’s “Use of Force” directive in the shooting of Thomas Siderio. A Philadelphia police brutality lawyer can represent the family when police brutality and misconduct result in personal injury or wrongful death.

In this incident, plain clothes officers were surveilling the area of 18th and Barbara streets when they spotted two boys on bicycles. The officers noticed that the older boy was wanted as part of a gun investigation, and the officers approached them. As they approached, the officers heard gunfire and saw the rear passenger window shatter. The officers began chasing Siderio, who was holding a gun and running away.

The officer shot the child as he was running away, striking him once in the upper side of his back. The child was taken by police to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Excessive force occurs when a member of law enforcement uses more force than necessary to control a situation, and it is a problem for many police departments. Use of deadly force should be reserved for situations when an officer believes that they, or another person, is at immediate risk of bodily injury or death. In this case, the child was running away from the police, which indicates that there may not have been a threat of harm. Police brutality lawyers at the Wieand Law Firm can investigate police misconduct, determine liability, and ensure that the victim and their family receive fair treatment.

In cases of police brutality, the police department or municipal authority may be liable for civil claims. These claims are separate from any criminal complaints brought against an individual police officer for their actions. Police departments have insurance carriers that handle settlements or verdicts for these types of claims.

Contact a police brutality lawyer at the Wieand law firm if you believe your rights have been violated and you suffered an injury at the hands of the police. Our lawyer will review your situation and determine if you can file a claim to seek compensation for your injuries.

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