PA Nursing Home Attorneys

PA Nursing Home Attorneys

PA Nursing Home AttorneysWhen you need the help of PA nursing home attorneys, reach out to Wieand Law Firm, LLC. You may not suspect that there will be any problem when you place your loved one in a nursing home. You are doing it because you want them to get the care they need from people who are equipped to help. However, you may not have realized that 10% of people who reside in nursing homes fall prey to nursing home abuse in some form. When this is the case, what can you do? Our attorneys want you to know that if you begin noticing signs of neglect or abuse, you should not have to take this on alone. Below, we will discuss some of the most common signs that your loved one may be abused and how we can help.  

What kind of abuse is there?

When people think of elder abuse, most think of physical abuse. While physically abusing an older person is an easier form of abuse to prove, there are a few other types as well. Below, further information is provided regarding the different types of abuse:

  • Emotional Abuse
  • Financial Abuse
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Neglect

Looking For Warning Signs

When you suspect that there may be abuse, our PA nursing home attorneys share that there are some warning signs to look for:

Physical Abuse

  • Your loved one suddenly has unexplained injuries that they cannot explain like burns, bruises, or broken bones.

Emotional Abuse

  • The caregiver who is taking care of your loved one is uncaring or verbally rude.
  • The caregiver at the nursing home does not allow people to visit your loved one. 
  • Your loved one suddenly appears to have behavioral changes.

Financial Abuse

  • Your loved one suddenly gives their caretaker power over their finances.
  • Your loved one begins giving gifts to their caretaker or other non-family members.
  • Your loved one is suddenly unable to pay their bills. 

Sexual Abuse

  • Your loved one suddenly has unexplained sexually transmitted diseases or illnesses.
  • Your loved one has cuts, bruises, swelling, or other types of trauma near their genitals.


  • Your loved one’s caretaker did not administer their medication properly.
  • Your loved one has not received proper food or water.
  • Your loved one has bedsores.
  • Your loved one is not living in a hygienic situation. 

Get Help From Our PA Nursing Home Attorneys! 

If you believe your loved one is suffering from abuse by a caretaker at their nursing home, call Wieand Law Firm, LLC.

Protecting Your Loved One from Further Abuse

Our PA nursing home attorneys have seen firsthand the devastation that comes when a loved one has suffered abuse in a nursing home. There is nothing more troubling and painful to know that your loved one has been treated poorly in a nursing home, especially if they have experienced injuries. In efforts to protect your loved one against further harm, the time to take action as now. There may be a long road ahead, one that will start with documenting everything and gathering as much evidence as possible. Another critical step to take will be finding a lawyer you can trust, like Wieand Law Firm, LLC can provide you with. Initiate the process of holding the negligent nursing home accountable by preparing for and scheduling a consultation with our team. 

Document As Much As Possible

The documentation that you gather will play an essential role in proving your case should legal action be in your interest. Take the time to write down everything, including dates you visited, observations you made, and more. This should begin as soon as you suspect that there may be a problem and should include:

  • Dates of suspected abuse, specify whether there were witnesses, a description of what happened and whether medical care was required
  • Talk to family who visit your loved one and ask that they also document their information as well
  • Take pictures and videos that capture unsanitary living conditions, bedding, bruises or injuries and more
  • Keep a record of anytime you notified the administration of your concerns
  • Gather medical documentation

Our Pennsylvania nursing home attorney shares that taking the initiative to gather information as early on as possible will play a key role in developing a timeline and essentially proving that negligence was a factor. We can assist you in the process of taking this critical step. 

Finding a Lawyer You Can Trust

One of the most important steps to take when considering legal action is to take the time to locate an experienced lawyer in your area that you can trust. There are several lawyers in the area, and you won’t want to choose the first lawyer that you find. Taking the time to carefully research area lawyers can ensure that you are in the most capable of hands. Start by:

  • Conducting a basic Internet search
  • Reading online reviews
  • Asking people you know for recommendations
  • Asking the lawyer for the track record and legal experience
  • Scheduling a consultation with prospective law firms
  • Asking for information regarding their fee structure

When entrusting someone to manage matters so close to the heart, finding a lawyer in your area will pay off in the long run. After experiencing an event as devastating as nursing home abuse, the last thing you want is to enlist the help of a lawyer that you cannot rely on. 

Preparing for a Consultation

Once you have narrowed down your list, please take advantage of the complimentary consultation provided by many area law firms. Keep in mind that you are sure to have several questions during your first meeting, and you will have a limited time to do so. Taking the time to put together a list of questions, and gathering evidence or documentation in support of your case will ensure that your questions are answered and provide us with the ability to offer a full review of the case. 

To learn more about Wieand Law Firm, PLLC, and the services we provide, schedule a consultation with one of our PA nursing home attorneys as soon as possible.

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