Under the Corporate Negligence Doctrine, Pennsylvania Nursing Home Facilities May Be Held Directly Liable for Negligent Care

Corporate negligence is a doctrine under which a hospital is liable if it fails to uphold the proper standard of care owed the patient, which is to ensure the patient’s safety and well-being while at the hospital. This theory of liability creates a nondelegable duty which the hospital owes directly to a patient. Therefore, an […]

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Federal Judge, Harry S. Mattice, Allows Government to use Statistical Sampling to Prove Nursing Home Overbilling Case

In an unprecedented decision, US District Court Judge Harry S. Mattice ruled that the federal government can use a statistical sample of a nursing home company’s Medicare claims as evidence of overbilling charges. The decision is significant because statistical sampling could greatly increase the number of claims deemed fraudulent without individualized proof. There is scant […]

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Does Your Parent’s Nursing Home Provide Five-Star Care?

Get The Facts The quality of care and services provided to nursing home residents varies greatly from home to home. To help families and caregivers compare nursing homes more easily, and to watch out for facilities with instances of nursing home abuse, Medicare created the Five-Star Quality Rating System. Medicare grades homes with a star […]

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Judge Finds Nursing Home Arbitration Agreement Unconscionable

On October 3, 2014, Judge Jeffrey K. Sprecher of the Berks County Court of Common Pleas found that an arbitration agreement ManorCare nursing home made a resident’s family sign was unconscionable because it was a one sided “adhesion contract” and violated public policy. See Hendricks v. Manor Care, Civil Action No. 13-2028 (2014) Order dated […]

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Why Nursing Homes Fear the Nursing Home Injury Help Center

Nursing homes that neglect and abuse their residents fear the Nursing Home Injury Help Center because we help victims and their families fight back.  Our PA nursing home lawyers work tirelessly to protect the rights of nursing home residents from corporate greed which has permeated the nursing home industry and diminished quality of care. Presently, […]

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