Pennsylvania Reports Lowest Number of Car Accident Deaths Ever

New statistics released by PennDot show that the number of deaths resulting from motor vehicle accidents last year reached an all-time low in Pennsylvania.


According to state transportation officials, in 2014, car accidents resulted in 1,195 fatalities in Pennsylvania. That’s the lowest number of fatal motor vehicle accidents since Pennsylvania began record keeping 87 years ago!

Fatalities accidents resulting from motorists striking trees and unbuckled travelers decreased. Additionally, the number of DUI related deaths decreased 14 percent from 2013.

Some of Pennsylvania’s success may be attributed to a $50 million investment over the past five years for road safety improvements like rumble strips. Another reason may be the increase in car safety technology in the past few years.  Safety features such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision avoidance systems, autonomous breaking, adaptive headlights, backup camera, reverse backup sensors, sideview assist and parking assist may play a big part in saving lives.

PennDOT has also created a website for searching accident data called The Pennsylvania Crash Information Tool.   This website contains information such as car accident statistics, government reports and a search tool that allows you to customize vehicle accident searches based on specific criteria.

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