Puppies Loose on Turnpike after Montgomery County Truck Accident

CBSPhilly has reported that an accident in Lower Moreland caused a major traffic jam on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, on Wednesday morning, when a van carrying a load of puppies collided with a truck. The truck accident happened around 4:30 a.m. in the eastbound lanes at mile marker 346 between Bensalem and Willow Grove. The impact of the crash allowed several of the puppies to escape from their cages and to run loose on the highway. The eastbound Turnpike lanes were closed for over an hour while authorities rounded up the puppies. Traffic was backed up for miles following the accident.

According to the CBS report “It was unclear if any of the dogs were injured” and “Two people involved in the accident were taken to Abington Hospital in unknown condition.”


The above story may have you thinking of a cute or funny scene from your favorite Disney movie (101 Dalmatians?). And although the thought of a police officer chasing after a cute puppy may bring a smile to your face, serious auto accidents are not a laughing matter. This accident actually had the potential to be more hazardous than most because of the likelihood of secondary accidents caused by other motorists swerving or slamming on their breaks to avoid the dogs on the highway.

Animal-Vehicle Accidents are a Hazard You Cannot Ignore

Unfortunately, sometimes animals on the road cause a danger drivers. Each year, there are approximately 250,000 auto accidents involving animals, many of which result in serious personal injury to the drivers and passengers of vehicles involved. Although animal-vehicle accidents often occur unexpectedly, the following safety tips may help you avoid or survive a animal-vehicle collision.

deer-animal-wildlife-1656386-hDo Not Swerve for Animals! Usually a driver only has a split second to react after seeing an animal on the highway. Whether it be a deer, cat or dog, do not veer off to avoid the animal. The risk of saerious injury to you and your passengers is greatly increased by swerving to avoid a collision. Swerving may cause your car to flip over or cause you to lose control. If you lose control you may hit a tree or another vehicle causing further damage and injuries. Instead, you should do your to maintain control of the vehicle.

Always wear a seat belt.

Use High Beams Wisely. When driving in rural areas or on roads with minimal traffic, use your high-beams when possible. High beams can improve your visibility and illuminate the edges of the road. If you see an animal further down the road, and have sufficient time to do so, flash your high beams. Flashing high beams may cause the animal to leave the roadway.

Drive the speed limit.

Keep Focused and Alert. Naturally, animals are more likely to cross the road in areas near woods and water. When driving in rural areas always stay alert for deer. Deer crossing signs are often placed in areas where deer are known to frequently cross. While driving, try to scan the entire road (while keeping your focus ahead of you.) Deer usually travel in herds. Therefore, if you see one deer, there may be others nearby. You should be especially vigilant during the fall and deer hunting season. During this time, deer are often “on the move” and roam outside their normal territory.

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